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Unfortunately, in this day and age selling photos is a very difficult thing to do. You can’t just take some photos, put them online in a marketplace and hope they will magically sell. Whilst, this does happen for some individuals it is certainly the minority that this occurs for. At the time of writing this there are over 50,000 images for sale in our marketplace, most of which have been put there in the hope that they will stand out from the rest and sell. To sell your photos requires a huge amount of time and effort, but the reward is worth it. Free paid per view photo hosting sites like ClickASnap have marketplaces built into them where you can sell your photos as pretty much anything you want. However, the platform is merely a tool rather than a quick and easy income stream to sell your photos. We enable you to put your photos into our marketplace, as well as your own personal shop, we arrange for them to be printed and delivered to your customer, and we arrange for the funds to be collected and distributed to you. As a bonus, we also pay you when your photos are viewed. Unfortunately, that’s where our arrangement ends. To get those photos sold you have to research what people want to buy, how much they want to pay, what format they want them in, what keywords need to be associated with the image in question and where that image needs to be promoted to get those sales, and in turn, get that revenue coming into your pocket. This video below from a photographer who often sells images for thousands of pounds helps to explain in more detail:

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