Night time photography. How do you do it?

I love night time photography, in my opinion it is far more complex than day time photography, it often requires patience, a very good understanding of your equipment as well as how apertures, ISO and shutter speed all work together to provide that image that you’ve envisioned. Night time photography though offers a whole new world of spectacular imagery, neon signs, stop lights, star swirls, light painting, all of them only possible to do at night. Anyone can do night time photography, the only thing you really need (outside of your camera) is a tripod, often the heavier the better though, camera shake is incredibly noticeable in long exposures and night photography is all about the long exposure times! If night time photography interests you, and you would like to give it a try, spend a couple of minutes watching Peter Mckinnon explain the basics in this video below! If you head out to take some photos, why not start earning money for them and upload them to our free to use, paid per view photo hosting site Clickasnap?

‘Liverpool Waterfront’ Post photo Courtesy of Bob Edwards


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