10 Tips to get more photo views (and money) on Clickasnap!

When you upload your photos to our free photo hosting site Clickasnap getting your photos viewed literally translates into real money in your pocket. But what can you do to increase those views and therefore the money you earn?

1) Always reply to comments on your photos! This creates a notification and brings back the person who commented

2) Subscribe to a Pro account. Your followers can subscribe and receive emails every time you upload content, plus your images are promoted across the platform 24 hours a day 7 days a week and you get free promotion credits!

3) Write an accurate 100 word description, Google will then index it and bring organic traffic to your image (also reading the description all but guarantees a paid view every time)

4) Guest post on photography blogs or forums with links to your photo

5) Head over to Peopleperhour and find a cheap gig for a guest post about your photo or category of photos. There are many people who will do this for less than $10 including writing the article!

6) Follow and comment on other users pictures, they’ll very likely come and look at your profile

7) Create a thread in the forum and include a link to your photo somewhere. Some of our most viewed photos are because of this technique

8) Share your image on Pinterest and Twitter. After Meta, Pinterest is the single biggest traffic driver

9) Load a teaser photo(s) up on Instagram and link back to your profile in the image

10) Find relevant photography videos on Youtube and comment with a link to your photo showing off your relevant skills in the comments below

Do you have any tips on how to get more views? Let us know and comment below!

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