Factors to Consider When in a Photo Shoot for Social Media and PR

Photography like any other art is meant to portray a certain image of something or someone. Therefore, before commencing on a particular shoot, it is important for the photographer to consider the goal of the photo shoot.

Most photo shoots in the social media and PR realm aim to increase engagement, in terms of comments, likes and shares on the product social media pages. It also aims at increasing sales and awareness for the products and personalities in the photo shoot.

To achieve the goals of any photo shoot, it is of utmost importance that the photographer has a well thought out plan. The photographer needs to have a clear plan of locations, time, and equipment needed for a successful photo shoot.

Listed are some factors to keep in mind when looking to carry out a successful social media and PR photo shoot.

Subject of the photo shoot

In this video, Christina is the subject of the photo shoot, and Mike Browne the photographer. She intends that the photo shoot will help bring out her personality accurately. As she is based in Bournemouth, she intends for the photo shoot to take place in places that are popular with the local population to show that she is easily accessible and outgoing.

Photographers should have a wide ranging conversation with the subject of the photo shoot to ensure that they understand what they subjects want to achieve with the photo shoot.

A consequence of a thorough discussion with the subject of the photo shoot leads to a successful and satisfying shoot. As a photographer, a happy customer leads to more shoots and more publicity for your work.


This is another critical aspect of the photo shoot that needs to be well considered to ensure a successful shoot. Shoot locations should be considered in the overall view of the success of the shoot.

As a photographer, locations should also be considered alongside time. Some locations are quite busy at certain times and therefore the crowds or lack of them may hinder or lead to the success of the shoot.

In the video, the first location had a popular landmark, the Odeon Cinema in the background. This location was chosen for the popular landmark which will stand out and connect with the social media audience.

The bus stop location was appropriate to portray the subject as a local and lead to a connection with her social media followers. At the mall and the coffee shop, the subject of our shoot is able to mix up with the Bournemouth population.

During the shoot, the photographer should have their eyes open and their thinking cap on to ensure that the surroundings lead to a successful shoot. They should avoid capturing items that are out of place in the photo shoot otherwise they will ruin the shoot’s shots.


For a photo shoot to be successful, the photographer needs to make sure that they have the right gear with them.  Photographers should ensure that they have their favorite camera with them. They should also ensure that they pack for an outdoor photo shoot all other appendices for their cameras. They should carry different types of lenses. This ensures that they will take different angle photos that their clients can use. They should also carry any tripods or stands that they will need to enhance their shoot.

In the video, the subject of the shoot, Christina needed a change of outfit. Part of the shoot is making sure that the subject is ready and has everything they will need to lead to the success of the shoot.

Photographers should also ensure that the equipment they carry is that which they can use competently and confidently.


Competence is the most important factor in the success of a social media and PR photo shoot. The camera or gear does not make the photographer.

The photographer should not only know how to use a camera, they should also have the skills to take pleasing photos that consider image angles, light, shade and other factors that affect the quality of the end photos.

In the video, the photographer is able to tell how light from the sun falls on the subject and how that will affect the quality of the photo and what to do to make it right.


A competent photographer leads to a successful photo shoot. A competent photographer always carries the right gear and is able to plan ahead, think fast during the shoot and lead their client to a pleasing and successful photo shoot for both of them.


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