ClickASnap Vs Flickr Vs Viewbug Vs 500px

Which site would you use? ClickASnap? Flickr? Viewbug? Or 500px?

In a previous post ‘Is Clickasnap worth it‘ we went through a few points as to why, yes, It is worth using Clickasnap, as you never know what the future holds for the platform! We rapidly realised upon creating the platform, that it was going to take a lot more than just paying users per view of their photos to start growing a massive photo hosting platform. It was all very well introducing this new and revolutionary revenue stream for image creators, including photographers, artists, digital artists and even mobile phone photographers but we had to rival, and surpass every other online platform today in features and quality. This last year we have taken great strides to position ourselves as the leading image sharing platform online today. We may not be there by users yet, but as far as feature sets and value for money we are by far the number 1. Not only do we offer all of the features listed in the info-graphic above, but we also have the highest quality image display for our users and viewers. So, if you’re a photographer, or create image of any type why not sign up today?

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