Flickr to delete millions of users images

After being acquired by Smugmug, Flickr is to reduce the limits on free accounts to hosting a mere 1,000 images. A staggering drop from the platforms previous 500,000 free image storage limits. By the looks of it, Smugmug is attempting to drive significantly increased revenue from it’s users without really giving much back. Smugmug does state that it will only affect 3% of their users, but even a brief glance at Clickasnaps‘ user base suggests this is highly unlikely with 50%+ of our users hosting near to or more than 1,000 images.

It’s likely that there will be less investment in the future, and probably further restrictions on free accounts as Smugmug pushes Flickr to become a revenue stream for its parent company.

Perhaps its time to leave Flickr and join new, free to use, paid per view platforms like Clickasnap, particularly as companies like ours invest very heavily in technologies to assist modern photographers and image creators in 2018. Why not try us out?

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