What’s Inside a Canon 1D X Mark II?

Canon’s flagship camera is the 1D X Mark II. It represents the highest quality in consumer photography, offering unbelievably high-quality images and 4K video. It costs around $6000/£5,500 and is one of the priciest cameras on the market.

If you ever encounter a problem with your Canon 1D X Mark II, the chances are Canon will take it off your hands to repair it. But have you ever wondered what’s inside the camera and why it’s so expensive? We take a look at those details in this article.

Opening Up the Canon 1D X Mark II

On the face it the camera looks like it’s totally sealed. There are very few visible screws, and you’d struggle to take it apart without knowing how. However, the body can be accessed with a set of regular tools. Just be aware that doing so may void your warranty.

The first thing you need to do is peel off the grips. This can be a strangely painful yet cathartic experience. You’ll need to be careful not to damage them, as you’ll need to reattach them after you’re finished. Underneath the grips, you see where the screws are.

By unfastening all of the screws, you’ll be able to start taking off the front panel. There are quite a few screws, so you’ll need to make sure you keep them somewhere safe. Doing so will make things a lot easier when you reassemble the camera.

Inside the Camera

When opening up the front of the 1D X Mark, II you’ll immediately be able to see the vast array of circuitry inside. There are so many parts; it can be hard to distinguish them. However, on the side of the camera, you’ll be able to see the various audio and USB input ports.

In the middle you’ll see the lens opening and mirror, so be careful not to damage these in the process. Overall, you’ll get a sense of just how amazing this piece of equipment is and why it’s so expensive. This effect is even greater when you take the back off.

Perhaps the most important part of the rear of the camera is the 1D X’s image sensor. This huge 20.2-megapixel CMOS sensor is part of what makes the Canon such a fantastic camera. However, it’s incredibly tricky, and not recommended, to try and remove this sensor.

It’s remarkable how fine and intricate the 1D Mark II is inside. It is truly an awesome piece of engineering.


Putting the camera back together can be tricky. Hopefully, if you’ve kept all the screws handy, you can just reverse the process. It will take a while, and the screws can be fiddly, so try not to rush and make mistakes.

Canon 1D X Key Specs

Below are some of the features that make this camera such an impressive piece of photography equipment:

  • A 20.2-megapixel CMOS image sensor.
  • Canon’s Dual Pixel CMOS Auto Focus technology
  • A 61-point autofocus system
  • Two DIGIC 6+ processors
  • A continuous shooting rate of 16fps
  • 4K video recording


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