Seven Tips for Better Camera Poses

No matter which side of the camera you find yourself on, it’s always useful to know how to pose properly. Whether you’re the subject of the shot or the one directing a model, it’s important that you know how to stand.

Many people instantly stiffen up and look uncomfortable when a camera is pointed at them. To avoid this, you need to know the basics so you can relax, or direct someone with their posing. In this article, we look at seven easy tips for looking good on camera.

Features Closer to the Lens Look Bigger

This is admittedly more of a fact than a tip, but knowing it means you can pose correctly. Anybody part you place close to the lens will look proportionally bigger than everything behind it. So, if you put your head towards the camera, it will fill up the frame, while your body looks smaller. Use this technique to your advantage when posing yourself or your model for a shot.

Pose in an ‘S’ Shape

This tip is particularly relevant to female subjects. Posing in an ‘S’ shape will slim you down yet accentuate your curves. It’s also a traditionally ‘feminine’ look. To achieve this pose, you’ll need to put your weight on your back leg and turn slightly to the side. Depending on whether you want to highlight or hide your posterior, you should angle it towards or away from the camera.

Pose With Your Hands

For men, particularly those who aren’t models, posing can sometimes feel unnatural. With your hands at the side, you’ll look awkward and uncomfortable. You should, therefore, pose with your hands. This can involve touching your face or your watch, touching your jacket, or putting your hands in your pockets.

Focus on Your Posture

This point applies to everyone (and not just in a photography setting). You should stand tall when you’re posing for a picture, ensuring that your shoulders are straight and your head is held high. Imagine that there is a string holding your head up. Posing in such a way makes you appear more confident, taller, and overall more impressive.

Stick Your Chin Out

If you haven’t posed in this way before, jutting your chin out may feel awkward and uncomfortable. However, it’s a really great way to accentuate the lines of your face and remove the ‘double chin’ effect that most people naturally get. Sticking your head forward and slightly down will make your neck look longer and more refined.

Get Moving

It can be awkward if you or your model is stood entirely static in front of the lens. Movement of any kind can help to relax a subject and make the photos of them look more natural. It also makes your model feel more comfortable and less vulnerable.

Have Fun

The most important thing on any photo shoot is to have fun and relax. These feelings will transfer to the photos, so be sure to put your model at ease. Talk to each other, discuss what’s going on, and try to laugh together. If you act natural and relaxed, the person on the other end of the camera will too.


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