Clickasnap Site updates 03/12/18

These updates are now live. Any issues please post in the forums

  1. All users can now connect their Meta and Twitter accounts so uploads are automatically posted to your Meta page and Twitter timeline when an upload is performed. This is accessible under ‘Settings’
  2. Pro accounts can now set a time period of between 30 minutes and 1 day and a random image will be distributed via their social media at each time interval. You can learn more about this here
  3. Settings, total earnings and general information is now accessible on mobile under ‘Settings’ in the drop down menu
  4. You can now control what email notifications can be sent to you, likes, shares, comments and frequency
  5. There is now a default header and profile image. You can change this
  6. Changing the profile picture no longer causes a redirect to the subs page
  7. Total earnings are now shown in a modal
  8. Save button should no longer disappear after saving your profile picture
  9. Search filter is now fixed
  10. Search filter in marketplace is now fixed on mobile

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