Making money from your photography in 2019

Making money from your photos is always a challenging thing to do. But in 2019 there is a variety of different ways of making money from your photography hobby. You can sell your images as stock photos, sell them as prints, pimp out your photography skills at weddings or even teach photography skills like Mike Browne does with his digital photography teaching classes.

 There is, however, one more method of making money from your images, and this is to utilise a platform like Clickasnap. This site monetises images in a similar way to YouTube monetising videos. In short, you receive a small amount of the sites revenue every time your image is viewed for 5 seconds or more (YouTube operates a similar model where a view is not counted unless a video is viewed for 30 seconds or more, as an interesting side note, a view on a Meta video is 3 second so you can have a million views and not one person has watched your video!) Anyhow, all you have to do is sign up for free and upload your images. You can only upload 7 images a day with free accounts (paid accounts start from a mere 80 pence per month) and when people view them you will receive a fraction of a cent. Doesn’t sound like much, but you don’t need many high-quality photos to really start racking up the views. Even if you only upload 7 high quality images and each image is viewed 10 times per day, that’s 70 views per day, 23,520 views per year netting roughly $35 for just uploading 7 photos!

Let’s explore a few methods of gaining those views, and the money that goes with them:

  1. Always always put your images into a category. Users come to the platform and will almost always browse by category. Very few people will use the search function. If you don’t put the images into a category they will only show up on your profile page and in the ‘Recently Uploaded’ section. Furthermore, images put into categories are automatically shared to our 30,000+ social media followers across our various accounts.
  2. Share your photos to Pinterest. You can do this manually via the ‘share’ buttons, or the Pro accounts will do this automatically for you. Pinterest is the second largest traffic driver after Meta, and all the users on Pinterest are looking for and compiling images, and only images
  3. Connect your Meta pages, even if you only have 20 likers, every time you upload your content our platform will share it to your page
  4. Connect your Twitter account, again, even if you only have a few followers every time you upload we will tell them you have done so
  5. Write an accurate and interesting title. 35% of our traffic is from Googles organic image search, that’s people typing in a search term to Google and the image from Clickasnap is showing up in it. Some of the weirdest things get the best hits. Take ‘Goose Mouth’ for example, 26,000 searches per day just for that term! Imagine if you could just get a few percent of that hitting your imagery!
  6. Write an accurate and detailed description, people always read the description and this ensures you always get that 5+ second view
  7. Do not leave the title of your image as ‘DSC’ or ‘JPG’ or equivalent. These photos are skipped over by our users
  8. Share links to your photos on forums, and related blog articles. Photographed the Mekong delta? Or a Goose mouth? Find a blog or forum post that is related to this and share it to those users. Sure, some people may kick back and moan that it’s not a Flickr or 500px link, but you’re the one that’s earning for your photos, they’re just paying for an account purely for the privilege to upload photos to those platforms! (I’d also argue that our image selection is of a much higher quality than Flickr)
  9. Be active in our forums, users in the forums are always looked up, more followers are found and your images get more views
  10. IF you have a Pro account, you receive 100 free promotional credits a month to spend on either promoting your profile, and/or promoting an image. Always pick your profile. 1 credit will get you 1 view from 1 person, the same credit used to acquire a new subscriber could result in thousands of views!

These are just a few tips on how to make money with your photography in 2019!

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