How to Get Your Pictures Seen by More People Online

Photography is perhaps one of the more underappreciated art forms in the modern world. With everyone walking around with a highly powerful digital camera in their pockets – in the form of some of the world’s leading smartphones – it’s difficult to show off your snaps as unique, higher-brow and important. The same goes for photo-sharing sites: how on earth can you compete against the deluge of pictures uploaded onto Instagram every second? The answer is through a savvy use of the online space – and it’s in this article that you’ll find out how to do that.

Maintain a Website

There should be no doubt in your mind that a website of your portfolio will be essential if you’re to impress web users with your photography skills. While you might experience far less traffic than what is promised on the likes of Meta and Instagram, your own site will isolate only your photographs, and will show you to be a serious, professional photographer in the eyes of the viewing public. Individuals tend to scrutinize and appreciate the photos of people they know to be professionals – and you can guarantee that by using a website as your means to looking professional.

Link to Social Media

That is not to say that you shouldn’t also be plying your trade on the social media platform that matter – and we’re talking Instagram, Meta and Twitter, principally. On these three websites, it’s crucial and you share only a few of your best snaps – perhaps with a short paragraph attached related to the story that the photograph tells.

By only sharing a few photos, but linking each one with a hyperlink back to your website, you’ll be teasing your social media audience – encouraging them to jump onto your website for more fantastic offerings. Meanwhile, to gain more social media followers, it’s worth following other famous photographers, getting features in magazines and editorials, and entering competitions to get your name out there further across your social media platforms.

Try Digital Marketing

You may see the world of digital marketing as solely a business pursuit, but if you’re serious about being recognized as a photographer, there’s no reason why you shouldn’t talk with a digital marketing company that may be able to promote your website online. Click Intelligence are one such provider of this service, and you’ll find they’re able to help you on whichever scale you’d like to improve your site.

Digital marketing is often directed at one thing: boosting search engine results rankings. If your photos finish in the top of Google’s pictures results, then you’ll be able to share more with the whole world that’s searching terms that relate to your website. Only digital marketing firms can help you label and promote you photographs so that they finish in the first few pages of Google’s results – and so, with their help, you’re going to need to find ways to make your photos more accessible across the annals of the world wide web.

Promote your pictures online today with the three key tips outlined above – all designed to help increase the visibility of your fabulous photographs to date.

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