Making money with photography. Part 1

In the age of the internet, making money from such seemingly disposable things like photos, music and video is an extremely difficult thing to do at any scale. Technology has changed this for music and video, with Spotify enabling per stream payments for music, and YouTube enabling the monetization of video, and, until recently, monetization of photography has purely been through selling physical prints and stock photography. Both extremely difficult things to do due to the vast volume of choice available, primarily supported by the explosion of mobile phone photography. The solution to this? The introduction of Clickasnap, a state of the art photo sharing, selling and monetization platform. With £750,000 invested to date it is a fast growing website designed to enable users to monetize their photos from sales, and, just by having photos looked at, literally, just looked at. Our platform has a vast range of features never before incorporated into a photo sharing platform, and for comparatively small monthly sums our users can access every feature on the site. Instagram and Meta may be free to use, but everytime you put up a photo they’re making money from it, you could always pay to use sites like Flickr and 500px, but what do you get back from that? Companies make tens of billions annually from photographers, wouldn’t you like to see some of that?

In light of this one of our users (Mr. AJ Stoves) has been doing a video series on our platform. We will be showcasing these videos in a series of blog posts. We hope you enjoy seeing the site from a users perspective, if you like what you see, come and join our 22,000 users. Every user and every photo added to the platform increases the income for our photographers and gets us closer to those YouTube’s millionaires who earn tiny amounts per video view

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