Making money with photography. Part 4

John Stoves has been making money with his photos just from views on Clickasnap for 32 days now. In this video he explores how to upload multiple photos, how easy it is to do so and using our copy system to tag titles, descriptions and tags.

John discusses and explores how much money he has made to date from doing nothing more than uploading photos. He briefly explores the feed and shows you how to get more views.

Clickasnap is the only site in the world that allows you to make money from just your views. You’re not going to retire from it (yet. But it is possible, think youtube millionaires) and we do offer paid accounts (these offer far more for alot less than Flickr and 500px, plus you effectively get unlimited cashback! So, stop letting other websites use your expensive equipment, expensive time and skills to make them money, and join us and start seeing money back for your work

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