Is Clickasnap worth it? 2019 review

Somewhere you have heard of, or come across our photo sharing platform, Clickasnap. You have probably heard of our main USP too: that we allow photographers to earn money just by having their photos looked at. You’re probably wondering if this is true (yes it is) and what catches there are or what image rights you will lose for this privilege (there is no catch and we claim absolutely no righys to any image for any use of the platform). You’re certainly not going to get rich overnight from us (unless you happen to have a large audience already, earnings are technically unlimited. Think famous YouTube millionaires, our systems are similar in a nature) but, over time as our audience grows, our organic search results get higher and higher and more and more users flock to a completely unique platform with unparalleled features including automated product creation, automated social marketing systems, unparalleled image protection technology and much much more.

Yes, the platform is free to use, limited to 7 uploads per day. Why? Because when we allowed unlimited uploads on free accounts we had thousands of rubbish images uploaded. We are, and plan to continue to maintain as high image quality as possible. So, no nudity, gore, violence or memes. This protects our advertisers, and therefore our business, and therefore the earnings, and future higher earnings of our contributors.

No, all of our features are not free. You have to pay Flickr £50 per year just to upload photos, 500px £75 a year just to upload photos. With us, our top tier is £48 per year and is literally a business in a box, upload your photos they’re protected from screen shotting and right click downloads, you earn money when your photo is looked at, your image is automatically turned into every available print on demand product, connect your social media and let our automated systems promote your images 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year, add in your google analytics code to monitor your traffic sources, all without you having to do a thing.

Of course you could always go and pay squarespace £50 a month, or smugmug £45 a month, have to spend thousands, probably tens of thousands on SEO, pay for hootsuite to promote your work, work out cpc systems, or just throw money at a website until you finally get a tiny bit of traffic which probably won’t convert. Another alternative is to buy some servers, build your own website, try and get advertisers then try and get traffic. It’s going to take years and cost you thousands. Or, get all of that, have no stresses, let us concentrate on the tech and traffic for as little as £9.60 per year.

Endorsed and backed by one of Youtubes top photographers, Mike Browne, and with 22,000 photographers, as well as a million images viewed per month you really should join us today, for free, and add another revenue stream to your pocket. If you don’t, and upload your photos elsewhere, guess who’s earning money off of your work? Hint, it’s not you

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