ClickASnap: The All-In-One Social and Selling Platform

You’ve seen other photo-based platforms. Most of them offer that social aspect where you can share, comment, and like images. There are other platforms which allow you to sell your photos in a wide range of different ways. There are also ones that supply marketing tools to help expand your reach across the internet.

While this is all well and good, there’s only one platform that brings all of these different elements together: ClickASnap.

With so many different features all contained within one place, it makes sense why our user base is growing at a fast rate. This is helped by the fact that we don’t implement any half-baked ideas. For instance, when we say we offer the best photo-based selling platform, we truly believe it.

With that said, let’s take a closer look at each facet and show you why we’re so confident in what we do.

Sell and monetise your photos

Whether it’s on a canvas or photo puzzle, you can place your images on a vast array of products ready for sale. We offer 1000’s of possibilities in that regard, ensuring there’s something for everyone. You also have the chance to set the price for each product. Due to the low commission rate of 4%, you can offer these products at highly competitive prices while still earning a pretty penny.

When it comes to earning money on our platform, however, there is one way in which we stand out from all other photo upload sites. This is with our innovative monetisation system, where you earn cash simply because someone views your images. That’s right: you don’t even have to sell anything! Just bring eyes to your photos, and you can earn a very attractive 0.15c for each view.

Promote your products

If you’re not sure where to start with marketing your photos and products, don’t worry – we’ve got your back.

For a start, we fine-tune each photo page with search engine optimisation (SEO) firmly in mind. This means your photos will automatically show up in Google search results. If you use Meta or Twitter, you also can link these up to our automated marketing system. This gives you full control over what time to advertise your creations on social media.

As a side note, when promoting your photos, you don’t have to worry about them being stolen. We utilise a ground-breaking WIPT (Watermarkless Image Protection Technology) that helps protect against ‘print screen’ and right-click theft. Also, you keep 100% of your image rights when uploading to ClickASnap.

Join in with the community

An extension of our marketing efforts is the community itself. However, it’s more than simply a vehicle to push your photos. Our community is a vibrant one that’s always looking to provide support, encouragement, and advice.

Along with a forum, our main social platform allows you to follow profiles, ‘Like’ photos, and comment. Simply joining in with the community can deliver inspiration and give the feeling like you’re part of something special. With over 26,000 passionate photographers on-board already, we’re on course to being the biggest and best still image club on the internet!

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