A Guide to Selling Your Photos Online

Are you ready to sell your photos online? While there are various different platforms available that provide this option, we daresay that none of these match up to ClickASnap. Simply put, the range of benefits we provide cannot be surpassed.

To begin with your selling adventure on this platform, you’ll first need to sign up for either a Seller or Pro Account. When one of these is selected, you have the full ability to sell your creations on a wide array of products.

Of course, you can still earn on ClickASnap with a free account. You receive 0.15c for every valid view on one of your uploads – something that can quickly add up when multiple visitors look at your creations. Yet if you want to maximise your potential profit, it’s essential you upgrade.

Create your own online store

With an upgraded account in place, you can begin putting together your online store. You have full control over many elements. For a start, you can upload whatever images you desire – assuming they fall under current guidelines. These means you can sell everything from photos to digital artwork.

You then have the choice of how your images can be sold. There are thousands of products that you can choose from. Do you want to slap your photos onto a canvas? Maybe you want to create some charming keyrings? How about a photo jigsaw? Aside from physical products, you also have the option of selling your photos as a digital download.

Price up

The next step is to set your pricing. As you would expect by now, this is another component that you have complete control over. You’re first provided with a base price – this covers manufacturing prices, and only manufacturing prices – and you can scale this up to whatever amount you desire.

Unlike other platforms where it’s necessary to ramp up the prices to earn anything worthwhile, you don’t have to do this with ClickASnap. This is thanks to our low 4% commission figure, which gives you a bigger slice of the pie from your sales.

There’s no need to worry about product quality

When someone orders one of your physical products, you’re probably wondering what happens next. At this stage, our partners One Vision Imaging – one of the world’s premier printing companies – take over.

When an order is placed, they are sent all the necessary details to fulfil the request. The finished product is then sent first class, and it can be shipped to any place in the world. Your royalties are paid once the order is confirmed.

The tools to promote your photos

When you’ve uploaded your images and created your products, you want to get the word out. We supply the tools to make this a reality.

First of all, there’s an integration system with Pinterest. This feature automatically creates boards, and your upload images are directly added to them. There’s an automated marketing system, where you can schedule posts on Twitter and Meta. All photo pages are optimised with SEO in mind, ensuring your creations show up in Google search results.

With a Pro Account, you also receive 100 free credits each month to promote your profile/images directly on our platform.

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