How Our WIPT System Revolutionizes Image Protection

When photos are uploaded online, you know they’re typically at risk of being stolen. In certain cases, all it takes is a right-click followed by the “Save image as” button. Then even when right-click functionality is disabled, people can bypass the issue by using the “Print Screen” function on their computer.

Of course, the major photo uploading platforms have taken steps to protect against theft. Most have right-click functionality disabled completely (although many such as Fine Art America and Smugmug charge you for this feature). Others also offer the chance to place a watermark over your images, which often deters those seeking a clear picture of your creations.

Yet still, not enough is being done. Photos continue to be stolen, used without permission, and uploaded without proper attribution. It’s a serious issue that is affecting many photographers across the internet. Simply put, if people can take their imagery for free, most will go that route rather than paying any type of licensing fee. This leaves the photographer out of pocket – and it’s due to something that is beyond their control.

Fortunately, this is not a scenario our users have to go through. See, while other photo hosting platforms simply sit around and just accept the rampant nature of photo theft, we took a stand. This led to the creation of “Watermarkless Image Protection Technology” – WIPT for short.

What is WIPT?

As the name highlights, WIPT is a form of innovative image protection technology that doesn’t incorporate watermarks. This means your image is protected from being copied, and it can remain 100% clear without an unsightly watermark drawing away from the beauty of your creations.

Oh, and it doesn’t just protect against right-click bandits. It also prevents the ‘print screen’ button from being a factor.

That is, without hyperbole, a game-changer. No other photo platform on the planet protects against screengrabs. Others would hope to have this technology, obviously, but ClickASnap is the industry leader in that regard. Naturally, this also means we offer more image protection than any other website overall.

You might be wondering what happens when someone attempts to do a screengrab. Well, when they hit that “print screen” button on an applicable ClickASnap account, they’ll be presented with the following message: “Images on are copyrighted. Please request clearance from the author prior to usage.”

No screengrab is captured. The only thing that is actually copied is that aforementioned message.

How you can begin to benefit from WIPT

If you want to start feeling the benefits of WIPT, you will have to sign up for a Pro Account. This is available for as little as £4.80 a month. It’s also a small price to pay to know your images are safe from being stolen. Plus if someone really loves one of your pictures, this increases the chance of them paying for the privilege of downloading the image.

This is just one way that you can earn on ClickASnap. Along with selling your images on a wide range of products, you also receive a generous 0.15c for each view one of your photos receives.

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