Our Pro Accounts Deliver No Ads and Guaranteed Privacy

Signing up for a free account on ClickASnap makes a lot of sense. You can upload up to seven photos each day. You’re provided with an unlimited amount of storage. Most exciting of all, you can receive a payment of 0.15c each time one of your photos is viewed.

It’s fair to say the free version of our platform offers many benefits over the likes of ViewBug, Flickr, and 500px. Yet the advantages only increase exponentially when it comes to our Pro Account option. Available from just £4.80 a month, this is the ideal option for professional photographers who want to use the platform to sell their creations online.

While there are many positive points with using a Pro Account, there are two aspects which particularly stand out: no ads and guaranteed privacy.

An ad-free experience

When someone is browsing a website, nobody likes to be faced with ads. Sadly, for many online outlets – including us – those ads are a necessary evil. They help to keep everything ticking along and cover a few bills. Yet as we’re getting a direct payment via those with a Pro Account, there’s no need to also receive the money that ads would provide.

The result: you and your viewers (if you wish) get to benefit from a completely ad-free browsing experience. That means you can peruse all uploads ClickASnap, join in the discussion forum, manage your profile, etc. and not be bothered by any adverts. At least, that’s if you choose not to run ads. You can actually opt into viewing the ads if you desire – you can simply toggle them on or off.

In an exciting development, you also have the option of switching off ads for your viewers. This means if they’re looking at your pictures, they don’t have to deal with any ads at the same time.

Privacy assured

The other big point highlighted by this blog post revolves around privacy. This means that, along with no adverts, you can truly browse this website in peace with a Pro Account.

There is no tracking of your activities. There is no data processing. These components are omitted to guarantee your privacy is assured. This means you don’t have to worry about inputted information or search queries on ClickASnap following you around.

Other features of the Pro Account

If you require further convincing about the perks of signing up for a Pro Account, you have landed on the right section. Here’s a quick breakdown of what else you can enjoy with this paid account:

  • Your images are protected. Not only are they protected from the dreaded right-click to “Save image as” shortcut, but innovative Watermarkless Image Protection Technology – which prevents “Print screen” usage – is provided to Pro Account holders.
  • Marketing made easy. An automated marketing system is available to schedule posts on Twitter and Meta. The platform can also be integrated with Pinterest.
  • Low commissions. With commissions sitting at a lowly 4%, you receive more money for each sale completed. The savings can also be passed on to customers if desired, making your products more competitively priced.

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