You Can Earn Money from Just Photo Views

Have you ever used an uploading website like Flickr, Meta, or 500px in the past? While these are convenient options for getting your photos on the internet to be seen by the world, there’s an unsavoury aspect to these platforms that rubs us the wrong way (plus, they are really expensive, Metamay be free but think what it costs you in privacy..).

That aspect is the fact they profit from all of your hard work. You create the pictures, you upload them, you bring visibility to their platform… and you receive nothing in return. They are earning piles of cash and not giving you anything in return.

This was one of the main motivations behind our decision to create ClickASnap. We now give power to creators, allowing them to earn money from their images in various different ways. This is best evidenced by our innovative earn per view system.  

The YouTube of the photo world

You read it right: we pay our creators every time somebody views one of their photos. There’s no waiting for someone to download it or pay for image rights. You can earn money for each and every view.

It’s not simply a nominal amount, either. The payment rates currently sit at 0.15c per view. As long as someone stays on your picture for more than five seconds – the average page view time is 37 seconds – it will register as a valid view. Once you hit 100 views and generate $15 in total, you can transfer the cash directly into your PayPal account.

Due to this system, our platform can be seen as the Spotify or YouTube of the photo world. Yet unlike those options, our payment rates per view are much, much higher. Take YouTube as an example. Based on statistics, a normal channel stands to earn around 0.06c for every 100 views on an ad-supported video. This means you need to hit around the 250 mark to earn 0.15c – aka the amount paid for just one view on our platform.

Best of all, you can sign up for a ClickASnap account for free. You can upload seven pictures a day, keep all image rights, and begin profiting today.

Limitless potential

Can you earn a decent side income? Is it possible for it to even be a full-time career by uploading on our platform? Ultimately, this is down to the individual. The foundation is provided – how high you decide to build your photo empire is up to you.

First of all, you can benefit from the community. With over 26,000 members – and counting – there’s a busy and vibrant group of photographers, artists, and other enthusiasts who are here to support each other.

However, the amount of money you can generate is dependent on your promotional efforts. If you’re willing to push your creations on the likes of Reddit, Twitter, and other social media channels, you can generate a large number of views in a short space of time. Sharing is also made easy as you can share direct URL links to your photos.

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