How To Make Money By Selling Your Photos Online

It’s super easy to make money from selling your photos online, and what’s more, you can set everything up for free on ClickASnap. If you want to earn a passive income too, our platform is the only one in the world that enables you to make money from views also.

So how do you get started?

Setting up your account

Getting started is straightforward, and it just takes a few steps to create your account. You can sign up for free with limited features, or choose unlimited features with upgraded seller and pro accounts for a small monthly charge.

Uploading your photos

Unlike many platforms that have limitations on uploads, ClickASnap provides unlimited uploads a day with a 30mb size allowance. There is also the option to upload photos in bulk to save you time.

Optimisation for search engines

Naturally, we want your photos to get viewed as many times as possible, so we’ve made it easy for you to add titles your images to improve the user experience. Our in-house team also optimises pages for SEO so they can be found in search engines too.

Integrated social promotion

Another way to promote your photo uploads and products is to share them directly with your followers; this is another simple aspect of the platform, as you can connect Meta, Twitter, and Pinterest directly to your account. When you upload something new, your followers will see it straight away.

Much like the popular social media scheduling tools such as Hootsuite and Social Sprout, you can also control when posts go out to your followers. This can be any time of the day as it is available 24 hours a day and seven days a week.

Upgrade or downgrade anytime

The beauty of the ClickASnap platform is that you can upgrade or downgrade your account anytime, as you’re not tied into a contract.

Our charges for seller accounts are £3.20 per month, and pro accounts are £4.80 a month. You can also set up a free account which has a limit of seven uploads a day. We also offer an Ad free account which offers ad free browsing and unlimited uploads for just £2 per month.

Unlimited storage

Cloud storage on ClickASnap accounts is unlimited, and we provide this for a small cost of £24 a year for all accounts or free with a Pro account.

Low commission rates

Commission rates for creators and photographers are a frustration on other platforms. However, we have developed a system that enables you to sell photos and products without unnecessarily high prices but still enjoy better commission rates.

It is sometimes tempting to sign up to free platforms, but the money you make is considerably less in the long term. We strive to reward creators for their hard work and promote high-quality images to our community.

Create new products to boost sales

ClickASnap has a range of products available so you can provide customers with everything from downloads and canvases to mugs and keyrings. It’s easy to create new products within your account, and they are printed-on-demand with our high-quality printing service. 

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