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One of the main frustrations with selling photos online is the storage space you get with your account. High-quality images can be large in size, but at ClickASnap, we’ve made it super simple. You get unlimited cloud storage on any of our accounts from £24 per year, or free with Pro accounts!

We understand that uploading photos and selling them can be a lengthy task, that’s why we also have a bulk upload feature. Plus there is also a 30mb allowance per photo upload.

Not only that, but you can also upload as many photos each day as you like in seller, Pro and Ad free accounts.

Unlimited storage for photos

Cloud storage can be costly on some photo upload platforms. However, to help you make the most cash from your images, ClickASnap has a simple price for seller and pro accounts. Unlimited storage is available for free if you hold a pro account and is just £24 a year if you have a seller account.

Secure account to store your images

At ClickASnap, we have developed a secure and safe platform to give your peace of mind. The website does not track or process data, meaning that you and visitors to the website can browse confidently.

We do not take any rights away from you in regards to your images, and we never share them without your permission. Our platform compresses images to avoid anyone copying them and posting to other sites.

We also have our own propriety anti screen grab technology which we called WIPT, or Watermarkless Image Protection technology. Developed in house and available nowhere else online to date. It completely stops the print screen function from deploying properly and is included for free with Pro accounts

Why we compress photos on our website

When you upload images into your account, they will be compressed for several reasons. The first is to avoid anyone stealing your pictures. It can be easy to copy photos from websites, so we strive to prevent this from happening by compressing the image that is uploaded onto our site. If someone did copy it and uploaded it elsewhere, that website would also compress it, and the quality would be terrible. This results in people not using the image.

Our Image Protection Technology explained

We know that it is a top priority for everyone to keep images safe from copyright incidents. At ClickASnap, we have implemented technology to help keep pictures safe and secure across the website and against ‘print screen’ theft. We use Watermarkless Image Protection Technology (WIPT) to protect users images. This technology works by disabling the print screen button when viewing images on the website. This ensures they can’t be copied and means that no watermarks are required on the image.

This technology is evolving, and development will continue in the background to ensure that the platform always remains a safe and secure space to upload and sell photos.

If you want to sell your photos online, ClickASnap’s unlimited storage and secure platform is the best way to make the most of your creations.

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