Make Money by Sharing Photos with Your Followers

Social media has a significant influence on millions of people across the world. It has never been easier to share holiday snaps or outfit pictures with everyone. So what about if you could make a little extra cash when people like your pictures?

If you have a community of followers, however big or small, you can start to monetise your photos with ClickASnap. Take a look at how easy it is to share your creations online with your followers and earn commission every time someone views your pictures or buys a product.

Automated sharing tools

Similar to the concept of scheduling platforms such as Hootsuite and Social Sprout, opening a ClickASnap account means you have access to automated sharing tools for every uploaded picture. Our innovative photo-sharing system can integrate popular social media platforms so you can share anything you upload with ease.

By connecting your Meta and Twitter account to ClickASnap, you can control the sharing schedule within your account. This automated service is ideal for bringing your followers directly to your photos without having to search separately.

Pinterest fans will also love our integration function as you can set it up to upload and create boards to promote to your followers automatically.

We currently support automated sharing to Meta, Twitter and Pinterest.

Our Automated sharing systems are easily managed. To enable it you simple pick what albums of images you would like shared to which social media platforms and select the interval at which they would be posted. Posts to Pinterest and Twitter contain all the tags, title and description upto the platforms individual limits

Social promotion can boost photo views and sales

To help you get your products and photos seen by everyone, promotion is essential. The ClickASnap website has around 100,000 photo views a day so you have a good chance that searchers will see your images.

To boost this, promoting directly to your followers is encouraged. Followers across many platforms will already engage with you and be eager to see your work in print. We have a vast network of over 26,000 creators and photographers who reap the benefits of sharing and promoting their work to their social media fans.

The beauty of the platform means that when you upload anything new, it will automatically be posted to your connected social media platforms.

At present, our network of creators brings in over a million views to the platform annually, and this is growing at a rate of over 100% per annum. These views come from organic searches and social media promotion, so it’s never been a better time to sign up and sell your images.

Earn money from views

Our platform enables you to set up a personal shop to sell your products. However, you can also make money from people viewing your images too. This passive income means you get a small commission from anyone coming to the site and looking at your photos. By promoting via social media, you could boost these views and earn extra cash in the process.

The automated social posting system allows you to schedule posts 24 hours a day and seven days a week so you can tailor your message to different audiences. Plus, your followers will never miss updates from their favourite creator.

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