How to Turn Your Photography Hobby into a Career

Photography is a great hobby to pursue, whether you are a fan of capturing wild landscapes and unique architecture or you simply just enjoy taking photos for your own memories. For most people, photography begins as a hobby and a great way to spend spare time, but it can quickly turn into more. After all, if your skills are improving and your photos get better and better, why shouldn’t you make some money from it?

At Clickasnap, we help countless photography enthusiasts get more exposure for their craft and help them to earn money from it. Find out how you can get involved.

How to get started

If you’ve been practising your photography skills and you’re ready to show your work to others, our online photo sharing platform is the perfect place to start. Full of like-minded photographers and photography fans, Clickasnap is a community that allows you to share your photos and see others’ work too.

It’s completely free to sign up, making it easy to turn your hobby into a career in just a few steps. All you have to do shoot your images, select the ones you want to share and upload them!

How do you make money?

Using a photo sharing platform such as ours gives you incredible online visibility, while allowing you to keep all the rights to your images. Clickasnap works by helping you make money every time your photos are viewed, so that you can enjoy capturing your images while gaining an income.

At Clickasnap we offer high rates compared to other popular websites. Currently our rates are 0.4 cents per view, compared to $0.000640 on average per view. Once your income reaches $15, you can withdraw it!

As well as earning money from views, Clickasnap also has a marketplace to help you turn your images into sellable items. From digital downloads to canvases, mugs and keyrings, this gives you even more opportunity to great creative and get more out of your photography. Users can buy these from you via the marketplace, making it a perfect gift shop to share your images in even more ways.

Keep honing your craft

The community of photographers and photo enthusiasts at Clickasnap means that you can always continue learning and developing your skills, in order to better your photography. Share tips and advice with others to make your next photo even better than the last, and learn from any feedback you get from viewers.

The better and more confident you become, the more it will show through your photos. In turn, this could help you to gain more views on your images which means more income! You’ll be a professional photographer in no time.

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