4 Photography Trends You Need to Know About

If you’re looking for ways to keep your photography up to date and relevant, it can be helpful to keep an eye on any photography trends that are emerging. This can be crucial in helping you to hone your craft and capture imagery that both you and your audience will enjoy. What’s more, many photography trends can also help you to move in the right direction and better understand what you’re hoping to achieve through your hobby or career as a photographer.

With that in mind, we take a look at some of the most prevalent themes and trends that should be considered in your photography work.

Drone photography

Capturing photos by drone camera has been around for some time but it continues to be a popular technique if you’re hoping to create unique perspectives for your images. In particular, drone photography is perfect for capturing a bird’s eye view or a widescale image.

Drone photography can help you to capture otherwise hard-to-reach locations, allowing you to present some truly exceptional images and demonstrate your creativity. It’s important to check out the rules and regulations of where you plan to fly your drone, and it might help to do some practice shots!


Any sort of artwork or creative work has the most impact when it is authentic and genuine. In a world of social media where people are driven to only show the highlights of their lives, together with filters that can change your appearance, authentic imagery is becoming more in demand.

There is a clear trend for relatable images that aren’t over-edited or glamourised, with minimal to no touching up. Together with a rise in candid photography trends, being authentic can go far. Whether you’re capturing nature and landscapes, people or sport, showing off real representations of the subject is becoming much more favoured.


Diversity has become a huge part of everyday life now, from fashion brands including different ethnicities and shapes to the Black Lives Matter campaigns across the world. We live in a world surrounded by ethnicities, beliefs and genders, and that should be represented in every industry or profession, including photography.

Being able to capture a diverse array of people and subjects can make your work incredibly interesting and inclusive, both of which are qualities that in today’s world could make you a very successful photographer. Join in with some of the important causes that matter to you and be sure to show the spotlight on all different types of people and cultures.


Many trends from the interior design and fashion worlds can cross over into other industries, and with the minimalism trend this is certainly the case. Many homes have moved to a clean, minimalist style which coincidentally also makes for great photography. Often you can capture too much in one shot, which can sometimes mean the image loses its purpose and focus.

Simpler images that are less busy are becoming more popular, but consider your composition and positioning of your subject to ensure your image still creates an impact.

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