A Guide to Getting More Photography Clients

If you’ve recently become more interested in making photography into your next career, you might be wondering how to get started. Whether you are setting up your own photography business or you’re going freelance, you will likely find that you will come up against some competition along the way!

It’s important to try and reach new clients and make sure people know you’re available for new work, but how do you do this? Here we share just a few different avenues that you should consider when getting more photography clients.

Create an impressive portfolio

As someone who’s trying to break into a very creative and artistic industry, it’s important that you can create a portfolio that demonstrates your skills to prospective clients. Hone your skills and take photos of wildlife, friends, buildings and more until you have a collection of images that you’re happy with.

Once you begin working for clients, you can also use these photos in your portfolio to help get the ball rolling and catch the attention of more clients. If you want to specialise in a particular style or type of photography, it’s important to make sure your portfolio highlights this well. You will typically find that many clients want to see previous work before agreeing to hire you, and without a portfolio you may struggle to wow your future customers.

Share your photos online

In today’s world, you risk missing out on new business if you don’t have an online presence. Platforms like ClickASnap are dedicated to helping you show off your images to other photography enthusiasts, widening your audience to people that will be genuinely interested in your work.

You can interact with other users, receive feedback on your work and even comment on other people’s images too, which can result in building a friendly network within the photography industry. What’s more, you’ll earn money every time someone views your image!

Understand your target market

It can help to try and understand what type of clients you want, as this will determine your target market. You may want to specialise in corporate photoshoots for businesses, or you might be most interested in creating wedding and family photos. Whatever your passion, this can help you advertise your services accordingly and attract the right clients.

Brand and market yourself in a way that makes it easier for clients to find you, whether it’s through your business cards, social media profile or professional website.

Volunteer at events

Consider doing some free work to help get your photography skills noticed. It can be particularly helpful to offer your services for free at events, either in your local area or in your nearest big city. This can create a great platform for your photography, and it’ll be noticed by attendees, organisers and people in the related industry.

Look for local events and you might benefit from new clients coming forward as a result of your work. If it’s a charity event, you can also support a great cause and help out the organisation with free services.

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