How to Get the Most Out of Posting Photos Online

When it comes to photography, it can quickly turn from a hobby into a career. Whether you are hoping to get feedback for your images and improve your skills, or you want to try and generate income, posting photos online can be incredibly beneficial. Before you begin posting your photos online, it can be helpful to do some research and understand what you could gain from sharing images with the big wide world.

At ClickASnap, our platform is home to thousands of users who are interested in photography and are just waiting to help budding photographers improve their presence and photo-taking skills. With that in mind, we offer some advice to help you get more out of posting your photos online.

Where should you post your photos?

The internet is full of websites and digital platforms that are just waiting to be utilised. Knowing where to start when posting photos online can be a minefield, but the truth is that you can use more than one to get the best results.

ClickASnap is a dedicated photo sharing site which means only those truly interested in photography will be browsing the website. This can be particularly helpful if you’re hoping to improve your skills and get noticed as a photographer. However, it may also be beneficial to post your photos on your social media platforms too, as this can enhance your visibility online.

With ClickASnap, we can help you integrate your social media to benefit from automated marketing, so that your photos are promoted throughout the week for maximum exposure.

What are the benefits of a photo sharing platform?

Using a photo sharing platform like ClickASnap can help to get your photos out to a huge audience. It’s completely free to use, with the option of upgrading to a Pro account for additional features for a small fee. You can also downgrade back to a free account if you need to.

Not only do you upload your own photos and share them with our audience, but you can view other people’s work too. This can be incredibly inspiring for budding photographers or those looking for like-minded people to connect with.

Possibly the best benefit of our platform is that you actually get paid when people view your images. This is a great incentive to improve your skills but also means you’re getting something back from your hours of shooting to get the perfect image.

Make sure your photos are protected online

It’s important whenever you post anything online that you’re sure the content is safe. There have been many instances across the internet and various platforms whereby images are saved and reused with the original creator’s permission.

With ClickASnap, you can rest assured that we won’t use your photos unless you’ve given us permission to. You own the rights to your images, and we have implemented image protection technology across our platform. This protects your photos from ‘print screen’ theft, using watermark-less image protection technology.

Find out more about how ClickASnap works today and start sharing your photos online.

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