Top Tips for Bird Photography

When it comes to photographing animals, it can certainly be a challenge to capture them while they’re on the move. In particular, birds make great subjects for creative and artistic photographs, with their colours and texture. However, they don’t make for the easiest subjects, especially as they are fast moving and easily frightened by noises or movement if you get too close.

So, if you’re hoping to improve your bird photography, we’ve got some tips to help you get started.

Patience is key

When photographing any animal, having patience is so important, especially when it comes to birds. It’s important to find the right spot to wait patiently for your subject to be in the right place at the right time.

Consider spending some time studying your chosen subject and understand their behaviour, as this might help you to capture an even better photo in the long run.

Have the right equipment

It can be helpful to have the right equipment so you’re in a better position to capture the right photo. A long lens can sometimes be helpful as it can offer you even more magnification and zoom, which is perfect if you can’t get too close to your subject. However, longer lenses can be heavier so make sure you feel comfortable handling your equipment!

You can also use a fast shutter speed to help capture motion shots, which means you’re able to capture the stillness of the bird but also the speed of its wings.

Find the right location

If you’re just starting out trying to capture birds on camera, start in a familiar location that you feel comfortable with. Even your back garden is a great place to start! This can help you to understand the routine of the birds and pinpoint when they might be most present.

You can utilise extra props like bird tables and bird feed to entice more wildlife to your garden.

Why not check out our extensive range of bird photos to take inspiration from? At ClickASnap we have a great collection of bird photography taken by photographers from all over the world, from everyday birds to more exotic species.

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