Hiring a hi-speed camera in the UK

Are you looking for some really awesome footage for your next project something like a glass being smashed using molten silver at 1,200 degrees Celsius?

Or perhaps a lightbulb being blasted to fragments at 100,000 frames per second?

Or even some spectacular footage of a hammer smashing a bulb?

Here at Clickasnap we have invested in state of the art Photron megapixel resolution high speed cameras capable of a staggering 1.1 million frames per second in full colour and at megapixel resolution! If you would like to use our equipment for your science project, art project or even if you’ve just got a great marketing project then get in touch with us at tom@clickasnap.com and we will be more than happy to help out

We love high speed projects and are continually developing new content using our Photron S16 high speed camera so if you find something we’ve done and that you would like to use for your project then please do get in touch

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