Why hasn’t a ‘paid per view’ for photographs website like Clickasnap been done before?

As you may or may not know, Clickasnap is a very unique platform in that it pays photographers ( and any image creators) actual money when their photos are just looked at. But, why aren’t there loads of websites that do this? Truth is there are a multitude of reasons:

  1. Photographers and image creators are more than happy to pay for places to share their photos and see nothing in return. For example; youpic, 500px and Flickr. If photographers are more than willing to pay to upload content somewhere, why would you ever reduce your profits by giving them money back? The cheapest of these sites is £70 a year, payable in full up front. Here at our photo sharing site Clickasnap we’re just £2 a month and you get paid for views!
  2. There are plenty of free sites to upload the images to.. Eg Meta, Instagram and Twitter. These sites may be initially free to use but with reach on Meta pages less than 0.5% and Instagram less than 1%, not to mention allowing the platform to use that photo howsoever they choose with zero compensation to you are they really that great? You have to spend a huge amount of your time jumping through algorithm hoops to get your photographs seen by a few tens of people from your ‘ thousands of followers effectively values your time at £0.00. If you want more people to see your images then you’ve got to get your wallet out and start some hefty budgets for very little. Not only does Clickasnap have no algorithms meaning all your followers see your content, we also do not take any zero royalty useage rights to your content. Of course another issue with these ‘free’ sites, is that, you and your work are the products being sold to fund your use of the platform and of course, create vast profits for it not to mention the ethically dubious practices of these social media sites. Our £2 per month fee means that we do not need any of your information, we don’t need to track your every online move and neither do we have to place you in ‘echo chambers’ to ensure everything you do and say is socially reinforced.
  3. Click circles: an interesting phenomenon where a group of users work to increase each other’s views and therefore earnings regardless of the quality of the uploaded content. This, if not controlled a nd reigned in, can result in a proliferation of poor quality content forcing legitimate users off the platform and ultimately resulting in failure of the platform. This is exactly what happed to sites like TSU, Virily and Niume.
  4. Fraud: the internet today is akin to the Wild West in the cowboy and Indians. Anyone can google for website hits and get a million ‘views’ and if the platform was to register these activities and similar methodology the business would go bust very fast!

There are many other very complex reasons why this hasn’t been tried before and/or failed. But so far, here at our photo sharing site Clickasnap, we have so far successfully overcome all the obstacles that have been thrown into our path! So, before you consider using any other platforms give us a quick try

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