Photography trends of 2022

2023 has arrived and with that a whole host of new photography trends to explore, however let’s have a quick look back at the top trends of 2022!

Film Photography: Many photographers are returning to film as a medium, leading to an increase in the popularity of film cameras and film stocks. 

Portra 400 taken on a Nikon F3

Mobile Photography: The proliferation of smartphones with high-quality cameras has made it easier than ever for people to take and share photos. This has led to the rise of mobile photography as a trend, we don’t always have a camera on us but I can bet that you always have your mobile!

A mobile snap on an iPhone 13 pro

Street Photography: This style of photography, which involves capturing candid and spontaneous moments in public places, has gained popularity in recent years. 

Portrait Photography: With the advancement of camera technology, it has become easier to take high-quality portrait photos. As a result, portrait photography has become increasingly popular. 

Landscape Photography: With the increasing availability of drones, it has become easier to capture stunning landscape photos from a bird’s-eye view. This has contributed to the popularity of landscape photography. 

Food Photography: With the rise of social media, food photography has become a popular trend as people share pictures of their meals online. 

Sunflowers taken on a Canon R5 with a 50mm f/1.8 lens

Black and White Photography: While color photography is still the norm, black and white photography has made a comeback in recent years and is being used by many photographers to create a timeless, classic look. 

What type of photography interests you the most? Whatever it is I can guarantee that you will find it on ClickASnap!

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