Site updates 0.0.62

latest updates Version 0.0.62:

· A users shop can now be viewed when not logged in via desktop or mobile

· A plan filter has been added to the explore page, allowing you to filter images based on the users plan (You may see some issues here until the update user script has finished running to fix users roles)

· Images will now be removed from marketplace when deleted

· You now have the option to enter a paypal email when submitting a payment request.

· Updated the warning on the uploads page

· Adding a loading message to products and images

· Feed deletion should now work as expected

· Performance on the feed should be improved

· The correct message will now be displayed when sharing another users image to the feed

· Setting notification preferences will no longer remove the email (this did not actually delete the users email, just removed it from that page for that instance)

· Disabled the option for customers to change their payment method and billing details on stripe, so they will only be able to manage their subscriptions, fixing a crash on a user’s account

· Users will now no longer be able to set their username to a blank string

· External links will now open in a new tab

· Front page images from non-PROS are slowly being removed

· You can now press the enter key to submit comments on images and feed items (excluding android)

· Clicking on a user’s username or avatar in the feed will now take you to their profile

· You can now use a comma, as well as the enter key, to determine a tag (excluding android)

· Fixed an issue where when selecting your own product, the t-shirt is always shown first

· Removed the share to feed modal

· Fixed a bug where you could not create products on mobile

· Deleting images on your profile will no longer kick you back to the top of the screen

· Changing notifications is saved when navigating away and back to the settings page

· Spaces in usernames are now accommodated for in search

· Album description box has been enlarged

· Clicking the username/avatar in a notification now takes you to their profile

· Uploads page breadcrumbs now take you to your profile

· On uploads page, description box size has been increased and image name box size has been decreased

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