Release 0.0.64

There is now a toggle on the members page so you can toggle between Active, banned and deleted users

· Removed the “verify your email” email

· You can now select a default filter on the explore page

· Missing products have now been added back

· Draft post system has been removed

· Feed responsiveness has been improved

· Albums should now load on mobile

· Editing a comment and sub comment should now work properly

· You should now be able to right click on the username on the image view page

· Social share buttons are now on other users images

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10 Responses

  1. I encounter a bug or two almost every day, but until the site data is fully populated I’ll refrain from any more support reports.

  2. I am being charged for a pro account, however, in the settings, it still shows as a “free” account and my earnings ($155+) are still not showing.

  3. Hello,

    Can someone be so kind as explain to me why my earnings previous to the update of the site have disappeared? I downgraded the subscription for a few months, at some point thereafter I tried to withdraw the earnings but I received a notification saying that I cannot because I had downgraded the subscription. Now,
    after the update of the site I have upgraded my subscription and i no longer have any earning.

    Also, I don’t seem to be able to see the “paid views” – I do not know if this feature was removed once the site was updated or it is just a bug.

    Thank you. Best regards,

    1. Hi, your earnings haven’t been lost. We have to transfer some 100 million data points over from the old site to the new site (this includes old earnings figures) and this is taking substantially longer than we anticipated. Our earnings system is still in place and if you receive views that qualify as paid then you will earn from them

  4. Hello,
    I’ve logged into my account now and I can’t find my upload on the “uploads” page and my earnings have disappeared. What happened?

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