Site updates 0.0.73


  • Added SEO meta tags
  • When searching, it will now show how many products have been found
  • You can now filter between one and two columns on the search page on mobile
  • Terms of service button is now clickable on signup
  • When a category is selected, it will now lock the sort type to “Random
  • Category list on explore is now in alphabetical order
  • Comments can be now seen when not logged in
  • Share button has been added to profiles, which when clicked, copy the url of that profile
  • You can now edit the category of an image after it has been uploaded
  • You can now share images to social media on mobile
  • Description box on my uploads has been made bigger and will now scroll when going over more than one line
  • Share to feed button now gives feedback when an image has been shared on mobile
  • Banning a user will now clear their images off the explore page
  • Upload page search will now pick up tags and descriptions in addition to the title
  • Comment and reply boxes will now enlarge when typed in
  • Free users are now restricted to 20 uploads per day. The appropriate feedback will now be provided in the upload modal. Paid users still have unlimited uploads
  • Default sorts on the explore page are now: Sort: “Recent”, Category: “All” and Tier: “Paid”
  • Added clickasnap YouTube link to the profile pill
  • Added a button in account settings which links to community guidelines
  • Stripe payment history is now visible on a users details in the admin panel. Paypal payment history is also available, but this only shows subscription payments, due to limitations on the PayPal API
  • You can now copy and paste from admin pages
  • Similar design images increased to 4
  • Related designs increased to 4 on mobile
  • Earnings field is now hidden on images
  • isAdmin flag is not returned on the users endpoint
  • Photo of the day has been added. It will randomly selected an image from a PRO verified users, but will fall back to a PRO user if there are no verified users. You can also change the current photo of the day, and change upcoming photos of the day for the whole month.


  • Fixed an issue where SEO signup bypassed onboarding steps
  • Fixed an issue where album photos could not be navigated using the arrows
  • Fixed an issue where searching for an unknown user caused an infinite loading screen
  • Fixed an issue on the admin orders page where it will not allow you to navigate back through different order pages
  • Fixed an issue where clicking on filters on the search page on mobile would cause a whitescreen
  • Fixed an issue where searching using the marketplace search bar would show you images instead of products
  • Tap to browse will now open up the file explorer on mobile
  • Uploading a invalid file format will no longer cause it to be stuck loading
  • Fixed an issue where the share button stayed as “Shared” when navigating images
  • Fixed an issue where you could only edit a comment once
  • Fixed an issue where you were getting the wrong login message when you were banned
  • Fixed an issue where you could not see more than 10 followers on the followers page
  • Fixed an issue where deleting a product did not work properly
  • Fixed an issue where users could right click on images to download them on the login and marketplace pages
  • Fixed an issue where certain users could not see the option to change their email address
  • Fixed an issue where tags were not showing when editing images
  • Fixed an issue where images appear cropped in the preview box in the upload modal
  • Fixed an issue where searching for a product will show image with 0 products
  • Fixed an issue where you could like a photo multiple times
  • Owner a comment owner can now edit their comment

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30 Responses

  1. Hi!! It’s cool that you guys are fixing those things!! But me and some other users still can’t log in on our phones!! They probably have a gmail, like me!! I would open a ticket, but I’ve found out that I’m not the only one having that problem!! As if it wasn’t bad enough that we’re waiting so long for our followers and earnings to return!!

  2. They just tell me to use my username, which doesn’t work!! Also, some of my views from january are counting really slowly!! Some of the views are counting ok, but others, not so much!!

    1. View count speed has nothing to do with us, rather the interest users have in your content. If your username does not work you need to raise a support ticket

  3. When I say my view count is slow, I mean real views that I got! For exemple, some recent photos are counting ok, but a lot of photos from the beginning of February are not!! Pretty sure 26 real views are not just 0.05!! That happened in january too, right after the new site was launched!!

  4. The default sorting on the exploration page does not work well, there are lots of bugs, and we see the same images 20 times.

  5. I’ve been using Clickasnap for some four months and am still finding my way around the site. A lot of these site updates mean nothing to me. So as a suggestion when migration is finished how about having a user guide?

  6. Hello!! I just noticed I have a pending payment from january 25th!! They didn’t respond to my last ticket! If you’ll start not to pay I might have to downgrade or leave the site, which I really don’t wanna do!

      1. Yes, I did! It took a while but they replied! I’ve tried everything to log in on my phone, nothing works!!

        1. Hi, there are no major issues with the site that we’re aware of. Unfortunately we can’t deal with any queries here and you’ll have to liaise with the support team to solve any issues

          1. Tom, not really an impertinent question, but when is the site going to be fixed? I have no folders reinstituted, no payments, no followers etc etc. Can you be upfront and answer this bloody question for once? FFS, its been too long!

          2. The site isn’t broken, and those items missing aren’t indicative of a broken site. They are just merely missing data from the old site. We expect to have most of it back in place within another 4 weeks however

  7. Oh my word Tom, how long are you going to blame the idiots that ran your site, in spite of my telling you two years ago that they were hopeless??? Another four weeks? Great, but it seems to be a continual secret between you and Browne. Be upfront an tell YOUR customers just what is going on on. I’ve put time and effort in supporting the site for a number of years now, but you treat us all as Instagram porridge.

    1. Moving developers is not, and was not a simple thing to do regardless of how useless they were. In fact getting away from the old devs required a year long lawsuit. So whilst i fully agree with your points, actually actioning it was not simply switching to new ones. We tell all our customers exactly what is going on and in real time. If you are not a member of it i would suggest you join our Facebook discussion group where you can be kept breast of all of these things

      1. Why would I join Facebook to find out what is happening to something that has a presence on the internet in its own right? This was the the suggestion from ego-Brown and I asked the same point then! I don’t want to discuss anything actually, I just want to know what is happening with the data transfer (assuming it is still happening). I would like to hear whether it is happening or not, that’s not hard even for an engineer to understand. Tell us now and let it be here.

        1. Because Facebook is an easy communication medium for the vast majority of people. The data migration is in progress and we hope for it to be complete within 4 weeks as i previously mentioned

          1. Facebook is an awful platform, one with which I will have not truck. Originally the data transfer was to take two weeks. That was well before Christmas. We are now in the third week of February. Do I take that as a commitment for the data transfer to be completed by the end of March? I’m well beyond any idea that it was going to be a quick process, but I would like to know when its going to finally occur.

          2. I can only tell you what the developers tell me I’m afraid and that’s what they’re telling me at this point in time. 2 weeks was a silly estimate on their part in the first place anyway. There is over 200 million data points that need to be transferred over, and more importantly, correctly allocated to the appropriate people

  8. Now we are getting somewhere, possibly. Silly? I’d suggest that yet another software outfit might have a serious competence issue. Lets see what transpires, all I’d like to see is your successful enterprise as much as I’m sure you do. Open exchange of information hurts none other than those that seek to conceal.

    1. Which is exactly why, as of the 1st March, we have our in house development team starting with us. No more agencies.

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