Site updates 0.0.73


  • Added SEO meta tags
  • When searching, it will now show how many products have been found
  • You can now filter between one and two columns on the search page on mobile
  • Terms of service button is now clickable on signup
  • When a category is selected, it will now lock the sort type to “Random
  • Category list on explore is now in alphabetical order
  • Comments can be now seen when not logged in
  • Share button has been added to profiles, which when clicked, copy the url of that profile
  • You can now edit the category of an image after it has been uploaded
  • You can now share images to social media on mobile
  • Description box on my uploads has been made bigger and will now scroll when going over more than one line
  • Share to feed button now gives feedback when an image has been shared on mobile
  • Banning a user will now clear their images off the explore page
  • Upload page search will now pick up tags and descriptions in addition to the title
  • Comment and reply boxes will now enlarge when typed in
  • Free users are now restricted to 20 uploads per day. The appropriate feedback will now be provided in the upload modal. Paid users still have unlimited uploads
  • Default sorts on the explore page are now: Sort: “Recent”, Category: “All” and Tier: “Paid”
  • Added clickasnap YouTube link to the profile pill
  • Added a button in account settings which links to community guidelines
  • Stripe payment history is now visible on a users details in the admin panel. Paypal payment history is also available, but this only shows subscription payments, due to limitations on the PayPal API
  • You can now copy and paste from admin pages
  • Similar design images increased to 4
  • Related designs increased to 4 on mobile
  • Earnings field is now hidden on images
  • isAdmin flag is not returned on the users endpoint
  • Photo of the day has been added. It will randomly selected an image from a PRO verified users, but will fall back to a PRO user if there are no verified users. You can also change the current photo of the day, and change upcoming photos of the day for the whole month.


  • Fixed an issue where SEO signup bypassed onboarding steps
  • Fixed an issue where album photos could not be navigated using the arrows
  • Fixed an issue where searching for an unknown user caused an infinite loading screen
  • Fixed an issue on the admin orders page where it will not allow you to navigate back through different order pages
  • Fixed an issue where clicking on filters on the search page on mobile would cause a whitescreen
  • Fixed an issue where searching using the marketplace search bar would show you images instead of products
  • Tap to browse will now open up the file explorer on mobile
  • Uploading a invalid file format will no longer cause it to be stuck loading
  • Fixed an issue where the share button stayed as “Shared” when navigating images
  • Fixed an issue where you could only edit a comment once
  • Fixed an issue where you were getting the wrong login message when you were banned
  • Fixed an issue where you could not see more than 10 followers on the followers page
  • Fixed an issue where deleting a product did not work properly
  • Fixed an issue where users could right click on images to download them on the login and marketplace pages
  • Fixed an issue where certain users could not see the option to change their email address
  • Fixed an issue where tags were not showing when editing images
  • Fixed an issue where images appear cropped in the preview box in the upload modal
  • Fixed an issue where searching for a product will show image with 0 products
  • Fixed an issue where you could like a photo multiple times
  • Owner a comment owner can now edit their comment

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