Site updates 0.0.87

V 0.0.87 RELEASE 1 (Products)

· A warning has been added to product pricing when the Digital Download price is set to £0.00.

· Added a prompt to the product page to show both the cost price and the sellers set price for the seller account as reference.

· Added a search bar to the admin panel to filter for orders based either on username or email.

· Fields for EXIF data that could not be extracted from the image metadata will now be hidden.

· If a user does not have a profile picture or cover photo set, the ClickaSnap logo and banner will be used as a default.

· Products are now created in the backend and the user will receive a notification to alert them to when this has been completed.

· Products can now be created from an image page if you are the owner.

· Products can now be purchased from the image page as long as the seller holds the ‘Seller’ or ‘Pro’ account tiers.

· The global pricing will now set a preset for all new created products.

· You can now delete other users comments on your content. (feed posts, images)

· You can now select and delete multiple products and product types at once on the product overview page.


· ‘Visit Sellers Shop’ button should now always appear on the users profile.

· Albums will now show all images.

· Changed the text of ‘Copy URL’ button to say ‘Share’ on user profile.

· Changed the wording of ‘Orders & Purchases’ in the user pill to now state ‘Purchases & Sales’.

· Clicking on the ‘photo by’ link on the ClickaSnap homepage header image will now direct you to the correct users profile.

· Featured contributors should now display correctly.

· Fixed filters on ‘visit sellers shop’ not doing anything on desktop and a white screen shows on mobile.

· Free accounts will no longer appear under the ‘Paid’ filter on the Explore page.

· Image downloads should now be much quicker.

· Improved the quality of breadcrumbs on the product pages to offer the user more useful options for navigating.

· Incorrect orders were sometimes being communicated with Prodigi when buying the same products over multiple images, this has now been resolved.

· Legacy users plans have been reinstated.

· Non pro accounts will no longer appear on the ClickaSnap homepage.

· Pro download feature will now download a non-compressed file.

· Product markup should now work as expected in product pricing.

· Product page search images should now load much faster.

· Removed the need for the ‘confirm price’ button to be pressed for changes to carry through to users product types.

· Similar designs on mobile will no longer be distorted on the image and product pages.

· The ‘Confirm Price’ button in the product pricing page will now respond to user click.

· The browser back button on a products page should now take you back to the same place in the search with the same available products.

· Users should no longer experience issues with shipping options not loading for them when purchasing a product.

· When clicking on the copy and paste buttons in the upload modal, non pro users should now see a prompt, that states they should upgrade to use this feature.

· When clicking on the Withdraw button in your product page, the tab will now default to display the users product sales.

· You can now change the category sort on the Explore page.

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