Site updates 0.0.112

Images are failing to upload showing a broken file which reads ‘hoverable image’ on profiles and explore pages
Update React Repo Readme With Windows Local Setup Requirements
Change Manifest to correct name
Add “click to copy link” button to share options on photo page
On the Uploads page in the member area, change “Authentic views” to “Paid views”

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20 Responses

  1. Hi,
    For your information, the site has been down most of the day.
    Its frustrating that we, your customers, must experience a site with problems on a DAILY basis. After all many of us pay for this site to work.
    Please provide better and more detailed information on the notification page about when issues are planned to be solved.

      1. Well, only pictures are visible most of the time not who is publishing. Notifications are uploading very slowly and followers/follow are not visible etc.
        In sum the site is not up to speed.

          1. I’ve checked my internet speed and nothing is wrong with that.
            My questions is, why is almost everything working 2-3 times a day and usually once in the morning and evening and not 24/7? No news in that according to many reviews of this site.
            We as users are missing out of a lot of paid views. What is done and what is the time frame for sorting out issues?

          2. Our site works 24/7. We aren’t aware of any issues where it doesn’t work at certain times of the day

      2. Hey Tom, I am experience the same, when viewing some photos. The user names are showing as a Grey Bar. Same thing is happening in the comment sections where it shows the comment but then the users name as the same Grey Bar. It’s not everyone, sometime you see users then the one under them are a grey bar. 😅… been happening since I’ve become a member 6 days ago

      3. Latest batch of photos will not upload, one our wasted tagging and adding decriptions etc only to encounter recurring error message (doesn’t specify what is wrong, just “error”) – so far, few days into my pro account and regret the decision. nothing on the site is functioning properly.

        1. Hi Roy, unfortunately uploads can fail if your internet connection is interrupted during the upload process. Not something we have any control over unfortunately which is why we recommend uploading in small batches then if an upload does fail lots of time isn’t lost

  2. The site has been down in India since 10 days now. Its always showing 403 error. Had sent email and tweeted to you about it too. It seems no one is looking into this. I have to switch on VPN every time to access your site.

    1. Unfortunately, due to circumstances outside of our control our platform is no longer available in India

  3. Hi!! I’d just like to say that what they say it’s true, I can’t see the profiles most of the time!! Just a grey bay where the names should be!! Site only works properly in the morning, first time we enter!! Also, I’m paying pro monthly, and I already reported that my photos don’t appear on the Explore page when I upload them!! I don’t even mean the front page, I mean the explore page!! I will pay this month and change to annual subscruption, cos I hope things will work better with an annual subscription!! I was told this was a bug in the monthly pro, it wasn’t fixed yet!!

    1. I noticed that because Javascript loads the whole page, obviously gets overloaded and photos seem disappeared and you can see only the page header. In this case, will help update the page, but developers need to solve this issue because they will lose users like that.

  4. Nothing whatsoever is wrong with the operation of the site. Always up and ready to respond in Australia 24/7. Only issue I have is the garbage we have to trawl through sometimes and the delays that Tom is well aware of in regard to old members and their albums and followers etc.

  5. I am unable to view my website after paying for the subsciption. it shows 403 forbidden from almost a month now .. i am not able to use this .. pathetic experience

    1. A 403 is an internet block and has nothing to do with us and is more likely your country. I’d recommend using a VPN

  6. Hoje dia 10/08/2023 não consegui subir nenhuma foto. Consta a informação para tentar fazê-lo mais tarde.
    O quê está acontecendo?

    1. Get in touch with our customer support team! They will be able to help you understand what might be happening and help you upload photos to your account.

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