Latest site update: v0.0.116

Fixes for the following have been implemented:

  1. Links added to onsite notifications should be clickable
  2. As a user I want to be able to search for a user’s profile name as I may only know their profile name
  3. fix: issue with blank comments and notifications
  4. Users are exceeding Local storage quota

Additional fixes for the back-end of the platform have also been released in this update.

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77 Responses

      1. Have you fixed the ability to screen shot and therefore steal our images??? Despite many messages you stll have NOT responded to me directly nor cured the issue?!

        1. Screenshotting is impossible to prevent entirely, however, images are compressed when shown to users therefore a screenshot is commercially useless

  1. Any update as to when my earnings in full will be posted? So far just a few dollars are listed.

  2. Another suggestion.. The whole ‘follower’ thing is not effective because.. We have to go the menu and go to feed to see the follower posts..
    After logging in, the home page (the one we go when clicking the logo) should be
    Right now it’s instead going into default homepage of ClickASnap, which even mentions Sign Up, but we are already logged in.

    1. This has been mentioned before and we’re looking into wether this does actually make a difference or not

      1. It will definitely make a massive difference.. If people don’t look around, many probably wouldn’t even notice the “Feed” much less actually go there and explore it.
        In almost every social network, once you are logged in, the home page would change into the feed, and start showing what your “Followers” have been upto.. that’s what actually builds a community where people start identifying the people they follow and start interacting naturally on their photos.
        Right now, we know we follow this person only because we get a notification.
        I can’t stress how important this is, and why it hasn’t been done already.

      2. Can’t see that it will make a difference. This is not the usual social media site and the feed is available from the menu. Where is the problem with that?

  3. Hello all,

    i am new at this so bare with me and very keen to share images of my backyard, Tasmania.

  4. What about Google Analytics…When is gonna be fixed??I pay to be a PRO user and can’t use it!!!

  5. Why, having the pro subscription, do I not receive 0.90 per viewing? Or how is it calculated, because 36 views x 0.90 = 32.4, while I have 0.16 as earnings.

    1. Probably because you are counting all your views as paid, whereas only the views marked ‘paid’ are actually paid

      1. Oh okay, I have a question tho, I have a pro subscription and it said that I would get 0.09c on one paid view but I only get 0.01c on one photo.

      2. What’s on earth is going on here? When we were signing up it never mentioned “paid or upside views” it simply said .90c / view !!!! And how long is one supposed to stare at the pic in order to receive .90c?
        This is just crazy.

        1. It clearly states it in multiple places on our site and how it works. A paid view has to be at least 5 seconds which is easily achieved with a good description

          1. Thanks for clarifying this question. So, if my only strategy, beyond having a stunning picture, to keep a viewer’s attention is to have the user read a description, it would seem reasonable to me, that the description be in close enough proximity to the picture that the viewer doesn’t have to scroll to find it. When I have clicked on a picture and am looking at it, the only other things I see on my screen are the file name and the Fwd/Back arrows. The arrows, being the only clickable items on the screen, are an invitation to leave the picture and go on to the next (or last).
            Can the description appear beside the picture?

          2. If the user finds the image interesting enough then they’ll scroll down to discover more, if they’re not interested they’ll move onto the next image

          3. So according to your own statements, if a user finds your description interesting they will linger on your image and if a user finds your image interesting, they’ll scroll to your description. That doesn’t really cut it man. I don’t see this site being viable in the long term if you stack the odds against the contributors that you need in order to survive.
            Not impressed so far. And your attitude toward some of the others with concerns is pretty bad.
            As someone else said, earlier, what is going on here?

          4. I would suggest you join ‘clickasnap discussion group’ on Facebook and talk to our users directly

      1. I meant to send you a picture with one of my uploads so you can see the earning CLEARLY says “0.01$”

        1. There is no need, it will clearly show $0.01, which is 1 cent. Depending what tier you are on you will receive between 0.1 cent to 0.9 cents per paid view both of which are less than 1 cent

          1. So can I receive more than 0.01$ on one paid view? (I have Pro Plan)

          2. Accounts pay between 0.1c and 0.9c per paid view, that is 1/10th of a cent to 9/10ths of a cent

      1. Hello everyone reading this. I want to add to Tom’s comment, “Upload good images, poor images don’t get looked at”, and also say you must upload only your own images and not other people’s because you will eventually be banned for stealing other photographer’s/people’s images. You must be the owner and copyright holder of each and every image, artwork or design that you upload to ClickaSnap no matter which type of account that you have. Pirated images/artwork and spam are not tolerated on this site.

      2. And don’t forget to provide a good description, right? Even if it won’t be seen, right?
        And why do I have to enter my name and email with every comment, even in the same session? You don’t use cookies?

        1. If you use a desktop to view the images you also see the description. What is the point of trying to view high quality images on a phone? So Tom is totally correct in that a good description will help users to stay on your image.

  6. The dropped-down menu that was there when I first signed is not there anymore so I can’t do anything I can get to my profile, check my uploads nothing. please fix

  7. One question..
    Is the comments on photo and the comments on a feed post different?
    It would be great if the comments on the photo and feed post are linked.
    Also does viewing a picture while scrolling on the feed count as a paid view? Or do we need to click and go to the picture, view it before it counts?
    The problem clicking a photo on feed is we are taken away from feed and we have to scroll again to go and find where we left the feed at, it would be great if clicking on a photo on feed opens the light box (like on profile), so that we can view the description, photo and leave a comment without the feed resetting or going to a whole different individual page everytime.
    Also is there any thoughts of introducing a referral program?

    Please consider these, it’s all massive useful user-friendly improvements..

    1. 1) they are but we intend to remove the comments in the feed
      2) no, only when you’re viewing a picture does it count
      3)that’s a good idea regarding the feed
      4) we plan to implement a referral program

      1. Thank You for the quick reply..

        I really hope we can have a more effective feed soon.. because currently the feed needs a lot of improvement, and it’s one of the most crucial part of the whole system.
        At any point a feed should never break, unless the user themselves break the feed and go to another page. Because personally I would never go back scrolling to find where I left the feed after it breaks (a user’s POV).

        Viable Option 1: (This probably harder to implement)
        – Make the description and photo comments visible on feed and view count.

        Viable Option 2: (This probably the easiest solution)
        – Make the photo popup in a light box to not break the feed.

  8. Morning Tom I know you and the team are working hard to fix all the issues from the platform switch.
    Any idea when the photos from the albums before the change will be put back in place.
    when up loading photos and then putting them in an album do I have to add then in reverse order (photo 10 first and photo 1 last) it really confuses things when I’m adding 100 + photos to one album
    which the old platform when I would upload photos you could pick the category and the album for the whole set of photos I was uploading now it has to be done individually one every photo.
    I uploaded to photos from two football cup finals in two different albums some that should have took no more than 2 hours at best but ended up taking most of the day.
    When I delete a photo it doesn’t remove it from the album I have to remove manually from the album then delete the photo
    When uploading photos and I give a description and the tagging why has the copy function only for pro accounts now
    talking of the tagging why doesn’t it do auto tagging now

    I love using click a snap and have had an account since I watch your interview video with Mike Browne and I always tell other photographers about it, after spending the best part of the day trying to upload the football photo I mentioned before I was look for other platforms to move to

    1. Hi Graeme, all of these things are being worked on and reintroduced. Hopefully in the next few weeks

  9. Maybe we need to add new features to make it easier for artists to access the marketplace

    1. It’s already very easy to access the marketplace, although we are always looking for ways to make things easier for our users!

  10. I have subscribed to the Pro plan (GBP 7 / month) and I have uploaded 421 (various categories) of photos of my rooftop garden (subdivided into albums, i.e. flowers, koi pond, bird aviary, etc.). Its been over 2 weeks and I have hardly got any views! In fact there has been literally ‘0’ views in the past few days!

    Having opted for the best option package, I assumed that my uploaded photos would have been boosted to increase views! I was obviously wrong!!

    If you can’t fix this problem I will be left with no option but to change my plan to a free one!! I hope you will look into this urgent issue!!

    1. Like any content sharing platform, we can’t guarantee people will view your photos I’m afraid. Something to also note is that uploading bulk doesn’t actually increase your views it decreases them. To increase views upload a few photos a day but never more than 1 per hour. You also need to regularly upload and interact or promote your content. We have 15 million images and tens of thousands of new images uploaded per day

  11. I am just concerned that the number of views, likes and comments on my recent photos do not appear on the uploads section anymore. It only shows “0” as if nobody has viewed them. It has been like that for almost 48 hours. But when I open the images individually, the number of views and likes, as well as the comments are not zero.

    1. There are currently some caching issues with that page unfortunately. However, this doesn’t affect the totals and payments that are applied to your account

  12. Hey im still confused about the pay system. so is it ninety cent per view or nine cent?
    someone told me that its not ninety cent but nine cent per view and i actually have a friend i just met and i asked him to view any 1 of my photos for a whole minute to see if im gonna get the ninety cent or nine. i got neither. and i picked a pic witout any previous views. and its been 3 days since. whats going on here?

      1. Lol….why not just say that instead of saying .90 cent which means almost a dollar. And like I stated before my friend was staring at my pic for a few minutes picture that had no views or likes. I still didn’t get “9” cents. Wats going on?

        1. We do say that, which is why there is a decimal point in front of the ‘9’ and a ‘c’ symbol after the 9

  13. I don’t know what’s happening, but the earning is full clean on my profile, like i can’t see anything next to “earning:” not even a $ symbol 😂
    One of my follower said that happened the same.

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