Latest site update to V0.0.118

Release notes:

New release for Click a Snap, v0.0.118. To make sure you’re using the latest and greatest, refresh your browser (and if you want to confirm, you’ll find the version at the bottom of every page).

Release notes

  • A main focus for our team in this release has been security. In this release we’ve revised and tightened the security of our APIs for our main website functions. This is part of our ongoing improvements in security for our user’s data
  • Another focus has been reducing the data usage on various pages, including the home page. This optimisation in image file sizes is showing a significant reduction in download size, perfect for our mobile users! In some cases, we’re seeing improvements of 80-90%
  • We’ve also optimised the way we use your local browser data storage to minimise how much space is used. This will have a positive impact on a number of features on ClickASnap
  • We’ve made some internal architectural changes to the website to further improve responsivity. This is part of a more significant plan to make our website faster
  • For some of our users, their profile image wasn’t showing in the main menu. This is now resolved
  • And other small changes and fixes

Stay tuned for more updates!

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102 Responses

    1. The site is certainly improving dramatically. However I find that I still have to post on various sites that have claims that it is a scam, explaining that its not the get rich scheme. The lack of basic arithmetic skills, particularly on the Indian sub-continent are astonishing. They cannot differentiate between $0.7 and 0.7c apparently.
      I would like to see a definitive date set on the various site functions that have been left behind, such as payments, albums, comments etc. etc. Help desk keep telling me its coming, but so is Santa. Can you tie it down yet Tom?

      1. We do have this list and it is being worked on. At the moment we need to get our developers handy with the existing code base and fix bugs with the existing site before we start introducing the feature sets that we have missed off

    1. Views are really down to how much work you put in to promoting and making your photos findable the same as any platform really. We have 4 million users and 20 million images, some users get hundreds of thousands of views others get a few

      1. Just click the social icon you’d like to share the image too in the top right of the image page

    2. I think the whole thing could be classed as a hidden scam. To be fair you’re not going to make any money on this site that all. The only ones that make the money are the owners who are charging people for very little return and let’s be honest you’ve got a upload millions of photos to get anywhere near making your money back. So pointless paying them and it’s only by if someone clicks on your picture but because of the sizes of the photos you see are good enough you don’t need to click on them – clever little scam!

      They may say that the Views are down to how much work you put into promoting and trying to get seen within the 20 million images!!! Pyramid comes to mind…

      1. Our platform is no more a scam than YouTube or Spotify are for creators. We have the same free and paid membership tiers as well as the same monetisation systems. Revenue for payments comes from adverts and a percentage of our profits. As for uploading millions of photos to get a payout, no, 2,000 or so views will get you to $15 which with 10-20 high quality images is easily obtained. The mistakes people make are that we are not a get rich quick platform anymore than YouTube or Spotify are, and with the same mechanics as they have, quantity does not earn you more than quality 🙂 if you’d like to know more join our Facebook focus group of 7,000 members, just search ‘clickasnap discussion group’

        (A quick tip though, you don’t need to click on an image to generate a paid view. That seems to pop up frequently but it’s not true) also, as with any huge platform (again, think YouTube and Spotify) the more you put in the more you get out, applies to life too 😉

        1. I became PRO member , uploaded way over 100 photos fully with descriptions and keywords, all my photos are professional with few views!! Stunning is that I never see any of my photos on the Home Page as described in PRO membership! I’ll give it a try , but it seems very slow at views.

          1. Like with any platform with many millions of pages of content, the amount of views you get are down to the level of promotion you do. As for images on the front page, this refreshes every 30 seconds the odds of you seeing your own images on it are very low

        2. Also I have sent an EMAIL to support about 4 days ago, not even a reply or auto reply .. I don’t see this site big anytime soon. Let’s wait and see

          1. It is unfortunately a bank holiday weekend here in the UK so responses will be delayed slightly

        3. Tom in your reply here you say “Quick Tip – You don’t need to click on an image to generate a paid view.”
          I don’t understand. How else can you generate a paid view other than clicking on it and viewing it for 5 seconds?
          Thanks for your help. I see you are a busy guy. Your help is greatly appreciated by everyone on here 🙂

          1. The comments about this previously are discussing about having to click on an image to enlarge it as the only means of generating a paid view, which is of course incorrect

          2. Oh OK. I read what they were saying as the thumbnails are good enough to see the images, so you don’t need to actually open the image. I see what you refer to is clicking on the magnifier on an already open image.

      2. This is not a ‘get rich’ scheme as depicted on social media for the gullible. The scam is the fools that right the nonsense and the fools like yourself that believe it.

      1. Hi, we don’t guarantee the views you get anymore than any other platform does. Your images are on a platform with over 4 million users, 20 million + images and a million images viewed a day so it’s down to you to make your content stand out or promote the content

        1. Just subscribe to the free tier or delete your account, both will cancel your membership. 0.8 cents is not 8 cents, 80 cents or 8 dollars, it is 0.8 of a cent

  1. Account settings half of it doesn’t work! Change Payment Method, nothing happens. Try to click the toggles nothing happens. Paid £19.99 for $0.7c paid views. Had several views and likes on pictures and earned $0.55c. So is it $0.70c per view or not?

    1. Nickie,

      Likewise, I have been having no ends of issues with the site since last year when they begun their updating. Prior to the update (which went months beyond the projected time), I had quite a number of views on images and even begun calculating how much I would have possibly earned, having bought the same package as you. SInce the update, the likes, etc., diminished or better said, vanished and so too was the amount ov money available. Just like you, only .70 cents.

      Mark you, after months of deliberation with the site owners, I was refunded a few pounds and they have since removed the FREE USER site from my paid page. I am unable to do any form of upgrade as the site advises that “the issue is being manually handled. Like you, I do not know what is happening at Clickasnap and wish that matters be dealt with speedily.

      1. Hi Audley, after the upgrade some accounts were reset to the free tier, this was dealt with as soon as the account owner contacted us. Accounts from the old site unfortunately have to be manually upgraded/downgraded because there was no other way of handling this whilst simultaneously charging you the old site prices. If you do want to handle it yourself ask our team to downgrade you to the free tier and then you can control it as you see fit at the new site prices. As for the statement that you’re only paid 0.70 cents per view, that is exactly what we state you’re paid.

  2. I can’t seem to upload photos anymore. I’ve tried multiple times but now it will only show my uploads in “my photos” when I go to my “uploads” those new photos aren’t there. I’ve even waited a few days to check again but they’re not appearing in my uploads.

  3. Once you upload photo’s you can’t go back and edit them. All I want to do is edit the name, as i uploaded them with their original photo file numbers but it wont allow me to do it. So frustrating.
    There is a YouTube video that shows you how to do it from 2020, but clearly things have changed or he is on the premium package, because it certainly does not work !!

    1. Hi Chris, you can edit photos either in the uploads section or on your profile under each photo is an edit button

  4. I am unable to change the notifications for photo likes. No matter what I set it at, either daily weekly or never, it always appears instantly.

      1. Thanks for the answer. In that case, email notifications do not work as my notifications are set to immediate and I have never received a single notification, not in spam folder either.

        Any plans for managing site notifications? Or even a filter would be really helpful, thanks.

        1. Yes email notifications aren’t working at this time. We do plan to introduce a filter for site notifications to make them easier to manage

    1. This is edit profile. Once you reach the cash out level you’ll be asked for your payment details

      1. Hi Tom.
        For several days I too cannot upload any images to the site. I sent an email to the support desk around May 26 or 27, 2023 and received a reply that they have a high volume of tickets at the moment. I’m patiently waiting for it to be fixed. I’ve cleared my browser cache several times. When you click on the upload a photo button, a small screen pops up and just sets there with a blue progress circle spinning. It never gets to the point where I can upload a photo.

        1. Hi Laura, annoyingly it’s a bank holiday weekend over here (yet again…!) but this is all being looked into as we have had multiple reports of this

  5. Hi Tom.
    I’ve enjoyed using Clickasnap site for some time now but since the update to the new platform I have lost all my previous earnings. Was told that I would take time to transfer earnings across to the new platform but this has still not occurred. When canI expect this to happen?

    1. Hi, this is already in progress. Join our Facebook discussion group to follow the status of this

  6. greetings please how can u assist me in terms of payment cause i tried using PayPal but its isn’t successful please how can i use mobile money kindly pls reach me through whatsapp for clarity using this contact +254796103421

  7. To the people complaining about not getting views: maybe the problem it’s their content!! I’ve seen a lot of profiles with not so great photos, to say the least!!
    One suggestion it’s that I see people enlarging the photos, so that they’re really big!! That’s kind of annoying and has to take a lot of space, so maybe it should be limited!! No need for a photo to be large, if it’s good people will notice!!
    I’ll make the annual subscription, see if some issues are corrected!! When I view people’s photos it’s not counting the view, just the like!! If someone has zero views in a photo and I view it, it stays as zero, and I’m pro monthly!

  8. Honestly, I have worked on the website and put in a lot of effort. I also purchased a membership to earn more money from the website. I brought in a very large number of visitors and managed to reach $15. However, the only problem I encountered is with the payments. I requested my payments on Friday, but they haven’t arrived yet, and today is Sunday. I don’t know if there is a specific timing for sending the payments or what the issue might be.
    I also receive a “pending” status for my payment, And I don’t know what to do.

  9. Well, I understand that sending payments is not on weekend and holidays.
    But what is the exact time when payments are received, is it 24 hours or 48 hours?
    I also receive a “pending” status for my payment, And I don’t know what to do.
    Do new accounts need to be reviewed ?

    1. Given it’s a bank holiday weekend the earliest the account would be reviewed would be Tuesday. Yes all accounts are reviewed prior to payments being made

  10. Thank you very much for your response. But what is the exact time when payments are received, is it 24 hours or 48 hours? And what needs to be reviewed specifically regarding new accounts?

    1. During the working week payments will be received typically within 48 hours. Accounts need to be reviewed to check for stolen imagery, coerced views, ‘like for likes’ etc. to receive payment all views must have occurred organically

  11. Are images created using artificial intelligence considered stolen imagery?
    Is it bad to repeat the same image on an account?
    Also, can you provide me with more information about coerced views?
    I advertise on social media platforms to attract visitors to view my photos.

    1. No but you will need to prove that you own those images including being able to demonstrate the whole creation process from beginning to end. Yes, repeating the same image on the same account would be considered spam as there is no artistic reason to do this. As for coercing views, it’s as simple as liking and viewing another image because they have done it to you. Images should be viewed on their merits, not because the owner has viewed and interacted with your content

      1. But it’s very natural for someone to view your photos after you liked or made an observation about their photos!! Of course it’s not always reciprocrated!! But, if I may say so, it’s a natural human response!! And the rule about not asking for views, that can be annoying, but there should be a warning about that in the front page!!

        1. It is, and that’s not an issue. The issue lies wherein a user spams hundreds of images with likes and comments in the hope of getting reciprocity. Essentially this platform should be treated as any other photo sharing platform and that behaviour isn’t tolerated on them so we don’t tolerate it here. We do have a very extensive FAQ which users should acquaint themselves with prior to using the platform in depth.

          1. If we assume that a person violated the terms to obtain illegitimate views and earnings, but then decided to work in a legitimate manner, what should they do? Should they delete all the pictures and start over, create a new account, or do something else exactly?

          2. I looked at the Facebook group and saw that the issue of high views is considered a violation of rights, indicating that the person is using unreliable or misleading sources of visitors.
            Let’s say there’s a person who owns a Facebook group, and every time they post a picture on the site, they share it in the group in a way that brings in 40 or 50 paid views to their account. And this person, for example, puts a lot of effort into the content and shares many pictures on their account. Would this also be considered spam or a violation of rights?

          3. High views isn’t an issue or a violation of the platform. You can share photos to Facebook groups but if those groups are specifically setup to create Clickasnap views then that would be against our terms

          4. First, I would like to thank you, Tom, because you are more than a friend to us on this platform. You consistently respond to our messages and sacrifice your time for this platform, and we greatly appreciate that.

            However, honestly, I don’t understand how views are classified as non-monetizable views. We see many people starting to work with Clickasnap, and when they want to withdraw money, they face issues like payment declined due to unknown errors.

            We only wish to understand what types of traffic the website does not accept and the dynamics of the process so that we can understand the mistakes we should avoid.

          5. It’s very simple, treat the platform as you would any other media platform and you’ll get a payout everytime you request one. Upload good quality photos, tag, title and describe them, and share them.
            Try and cheat the system, boost paid views by giving other people them in return or spam our platform then your payments will be declined. It really is that simple

          6. If I understand correctly, creating a new account with very high views is considered suspicious and can lead to a ban. Additionally, generating suspicious traffic or engaging in click exchanges is also prohibited.

            Regarding traffic coming from social media sites, is it also dealt with in the same way? Does it mean that individuals are restricted to interacting only within the website?

            Also, are traffic monitoring measures applied only to new accounts, or are they continuously enforced on previously paid and verified accounts as well?

          7. As I previously told you. High views are not an issue If those views are generated Legitimately through high quality content and correct promotional methods

          8. Honestly, I agree with him, and we want to know whether generating traffic from social media platforms is against the rules or not, as the views within the website are low, and we need alternative methods for promotion. Additionally, the second question is valid regarding whether traffic monitoring measures are applied only to new accounts or to all accounts on a regular and continuous basis.

          9. There is absolutely no issues with generating traffic from social media platforms at all. Traffic monitoring systems are always active regardless of how old the account is or what tier they are on

          10. the second question is valid regarding whether traffic monitoring measures are applied only to new accounts or to all accounts on a regular and continuous basis.

          11. Traffic monitoring is applied to all accounts regardless of age and subscription tier and is continuously monitored to ensure protection for our advertisers and legitimate users

  12. The new accounts were blocked because I personally created a new account. I am an expert in marketing and I had a well-planned strategy to generate traffic from social media platforms and convert it into views on my pictures. However, when I tried to withdraw my payments, I was surprised to receive a declined message. When I entered the Facebook group, I found that creating a new account and directing a large amount of traffic to it was considered suspicious.

    Also, are traffic monitoring measures applied only to new accounts, or are they continuously enforced on previously paid and verified accounts as well?

      1. As an aside I have personally reviewed your account ( firstly, the content is almost all duplicated so would fall under spam, secondly it’s all AI and therefore would require proof of ownership and thirdly there seems to be one image with a large amount of views compared to the others. There is no way anyone would look at any of those images in quantity, certainly not 25,000 views+ in the space of 72 hours (we are also experts at marketing and there isn’t a ppc campaign that would net those results economically on any social platform) so, there are 3 reasons why you wouldn’t be paid out:
        1) spam
        2) no proof of ownership
        3) robotic views

  13. But what makes you think that my traffic is from bots and not genuine? Because I don’t understand what quality criteria you have for traffic. Not to mention that all the visitors were obtained through social media platforms.
    I believe that I didn’t receive my payments due to a large number of visitors in a short period of time. I admit my mistake, and I think I rushed a little in generating all of these views for the website. I also acknowledge that some of the images were duplicated, and I apologize for that. However, regarding the AI content, what is the issue with it?

    1. We can’t divulge our specific criteria for bot detection afraid for obvious reasons. Needless to say there are accounts with far higher view counts than yours that do get paid out so we are very confident in our systems. As for AI you need to prove ownership and proof of creation with no outside content used

  14. There are couple of issues/rules which are not available/visible easily during opening account, but by doing research only I got to know.

    1. Non Paid Views Vs Paid Views – if some one view your image for 5 second then only it will count as Paid Views otherwise it will be a Non Paid View, I feel 5 second is huge time, it todays fast world no one has time to look into someones image for 5 second. Can this be reduced to 2-3 seconds, this will help to get paid views more often and eventually get more users for this website.

    2. Any Users can do only 20 Paid Views to free Users ( I am surprised with this one) – If I subscribe and become seller or uploader still I can do only 20 Paid Views to free User a Day!! , please clarify if this is not correct. This could be huge drawback for the free users.

    3. Free Users can do only 20 Paid Views to others – If Free users see 40 images (for 5 second) of other users everyday, only first 20 views will be counted as Paid Views and others will be Non Paid Views !!! , please clarify if this is not correct.

    1. 5 seconds is easy to get if the image is interesting, is of a good quality and has a good description

      (2) and (3) are incorrect, there are no limits on paid views

  15. Hi Tom, I’m a bit confused by some of the comments above regarding likes for likes. I’m new, I’m uploading one or two pics a day, all my own photos, I’m adding descriptions etc and creating products from them. If I see in my notifications that someone has viewed, liked, or followed any of my content I naturally check their profile out to see what they are listing. I generally open up any that I like the thumbnail of to get a better look, and I often like, comment and follow anything I do like.
    Are you saying I shouldn’t look at their profiles, and like their images? I kinda thought what I was doing was the whole point of the platform. I don’t want to get anyone in trouble by viewing and liking their images, but I only found them because they viewed or liked mine in the first place. Had they not I likely wouldn’t have found them…?

    1. Hi Mike, what you are doing is fine, it’s those who intentionally spam hundreds/thousands of photos with likes/comments with the intention to get it back. This isn’t normal behaviour, whereas your actions are normal behaviour as it’s simply curiosity, not intent

  16. HI
    Is it normal to use multiple accounts for only one user and merge them with the same PayPal account?
    -What is the maximum withdrawal amount on the website?
    -Can users achieve large amounts from the website?
    -Approximately how much do old users make on the website daily?

    1. Hi Marya,
      There is no maximum withdrawal amount. The sites business model is completely scalable. Our top users withdraw several hundred dollars a month. As to how much older users make daily I don’t know those numbers it’s not something we track I’m afraid

  17. Hello Tom
    Is it normal to use multiple accounts for only one user?
    and merge them with the same PayPal account?

      1. More for your real users than the ‘quick rich’ guys, how are the scripts to restore albums, comments and old pays going?

        1. Hi Bob, pay is done, albums are about to start and comments can’t be done until unlimited depth on comments is brought in

  18. Oh dear, moderation seems to equate to censorship. I’m not going away on this Tom. I’ve been here too long to put up with platitudes.

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