ClickASnap Website Updates – The Latest! (V1.1.0)

Release notes:

New release for ClickASnap, v1.1.0. To make sure you’re using the latest and greatest, refresh your browser.

Release notes

  • As part of our plan to improve the quality of content and keep bot activity to a minimum, we’ve increased the security of the registration and login pages. This will not be noticeable for 99% of our users, and is the first part of a number of changes we’re planning to make in this area
  • Also on the login and registration pages, we improved the logic and messaging to make it easier to understand what has gone wrong if registration or sign-in has failed
  • We’ve continued to optimise the sizes of certain images on the website to make better use of your bandwidth. This time we focused our efforts in the Marketplace
  • And other small changes and fixes

Stay tuned for more updates!

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21 Responses

  1. Looking good. We are definitely getting there. Thanks to you and your team for all your hard work – and in your case, your unwavering dedication.

  2. There is still lots to work with the marketplace mockups. At the moment it’s a bit imagine by yourself how the product with image or illustration will look like. No option for the seller or byuer to rezise the image fitting to product visually not imaginary.

  3. Very good site and thank you for making a lot of effort to improve the site better and hope you succeed.

  4. Very good site and thank you for making a lot of effort to improve the site better and hope you succeed.

  5. Thanks for continously improving the site. Please be patient with us, newbies in photography 😃

    1. When you reach $15 you’ll be asked for your PayPal information. We don’t keep it on the site for your safety and security

  6. I would like to express my dissatisfaction with the site’s notification system. When opening notifications, I am often faced with a lack of clarity about which of them have already been read or opened previously. This creates a confusing experience for users and makes it difficult to follow interactions.

    I suggest implementing a system that allows users to easily identify which notifications have been read or opened. This can be done through visual markup such as a checkmark icon or a color change to the previously read notification. This simple improvement would bring more clarity and organization to the use of the site.

    As a loyal Clicksnap user, I value the convenience and efficiency of the service, and I believe this update to the notifications functionality would provide an even better experience for all users.

    Thank you for your attention and I hope you will seriously consider this suggestion for improvement. thanks!

  7. Hi

    How’s it possible that I got 150 views, but I have very very limited earnings as for 4 views only? What should I do? Thanks if you reply

  8. Hi!! I was using the site normally, and suddenly I couldn’t upload!! And my profile just says User not found!! I can’t see my feed or log in!! I have created a support ticket and really hope things will be fixed quickly!! I hope you will at least respond to the ticket!!

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