ClickASnap Website Updates – The Latest! (V1.6.0)

Release Notes (V 1.6.0)

We have released our latest update to our website. Have a read below to see some of the exciting fixes and improvements we’ve made!

Followed/following users are now displayed in alphabetical order

After some feedback from our users, your following and followers lists are now in alphabetical order, to help find the accounts you want to, just that little bit easier!

Resolved an issue where invalid ExIF Data would prevent a photo from being displayed

This helps make sure that nothing interrupts your photos being viewed, from the moment it’s uploaded, even when invalid ExIF is present.

Resolved an issue where deleted photos would still appear in a users album

When you delete a photo from your profile, you’d also expect it to be removed from your albums! We’ve now made sure this happens consistently and as expected!

However, this will only impact new images. Older images which were deleted and remain in albums are not removed from this update. We will be completing further work on this down the line.

& some other minor changes and improvements

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27 Responses

  1. This a good news.. I’m new here and I think I’m loving it.. big hi to the team who made this wonderful platform possible.. hope to experience more and to meet new people across the world.. enjoy this platform everyone..

    1. Welcome! we have a YouTube channel you can find here, where we have plenty of tutorials and tips on how to grow your ClickASnap profile and how to be successful on our platform!

      1. If you are having trouble uploading your images to your profile, we have a tutorial which is on our YouTube channel which you may find helpful.

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