ClickASnap Website Updates – The Latest! (V1.10.1)

Release Notes (V1.10.1)

Update to the notification banner

As you know we recently made some changes to the profile and image URL’s. We’ve added a banner to the website to notify users of this, but we are aware of how annoying it can be if it keeps showing on your account even after you have read it! This change just means we’ve limited the number of times it will show itself to you!

We’ve blocked the ChatGPT crawler

Google says that AI systems should be able to mine publishers’ work unless companies opt out. We don’t agree that that is the case, so we have opted out!

Pro members are now accurately categorised on our Explore page

We were investigating a glitch relating to the categorisation and filtering of images of Pro accounts on our explore page. We’ve managed to find a resolution for the users this was impacting, and now all Pro users are being categorised on explore exactly as expected.

Thumbnails when sharing your images to social media no longer show the ClickASnap logo

This fixes the recent issues we had following a recent update, with image thumbnails either not loading, or showing the ClickASnap logo rather than your image!

Redirects from old image and profile URL’s work as expected

Following yesterday’s changes to profile and image URL’s, the older links were not redirecting as they should have been. This is now in working order!

Storybook content – icons & badges

Not sure what ‘storybook content’ means? Don’t worry, the technical definition isn’t too important here. Once our product team have completed their amazing work redesigning areas of our website, it’s down to our developers to build what they have come up with. This requires some important work being completed first which provides our team with strong foundations to build upon, which is what this work is all about.

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