ClickASnap Website Updates – The Latest! (V.1.15.1)

Release Notes (V 1.15.1)

Following on from our recent release of our homepage design, we noted that we needed a larger variety of user highlighted in our featured section. We’ve refined how this section works to make sure that it is fairer to our users.

The URL of links being shared to the feed were being posted incorrectly, which meant they were not working as expected. This has now been fixed.

Broken notifications

Some users were seeing broken notifications (showing as NaN) on their account. This has now been resolved, and these have been removed. You can also now delete unwanted comments from other members.

‘Share to Feed’ is no longer available to Free, Upload+ and Seller members via mobile

Share to Feed has always been a Pro feature, and a recent issue caused this to be available to other members, via mobile only. This has been resolved so this feature is available to Pro members only again!

We have also Updated some grammatical inconsistencies and addressed a problem where certain users were unable to input their postal/ZIP codes. There was an issue where clicking on a related image would not open it which has also now been resolved.

& some other behind the scenes changes and improvements

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    1. Check your individual statistics on your uploads page to see your views, paid views, likes, and comments. Earnings are sent via PayPal. Visit our FAQ page for more information on how the paid-per-view feature works.

        1. Head over to your uploads page for the individual statistic of views, paid views, likes and comments. Via your accounts settings page you can “check earnings”

  1. I see tom and the team are working very hard to correct everything with the platform can I ask once again when will all my albums be put back or should I just give up that this will ever happen

    1. We are currently assessing the albums as a complete collection, and we will keep users informed as we gain clarity on the direction we intend to pursue in this regard

  2. How is it possible that my account total cash jumps by 0.01$ if I paid for the Seller forfait, giving me 0.08$ per view?

  3. Nouvelle sur la plateforme
    Super contente de faire partie de cette belle communauté
    Je vais partager mes expériences mes voyages et mon point de vue!
    À bientôt

  4. When I upload a photo, the site sends me this message” Your earnings will be updated 48 hours after your views. This means that your profits may not match your actual views”And I waited 48hour Of the views on my photo My photo received 11 views, including 1 view after 48 hours, and I did not receive any profits from my photo.

    1. you will only receive payment for paid views. A paid view is a view that last longer than 5 seconds. You can check the individual statistics of your views and how many of them are paid by vising your uploads page. If you have a free membership you will need 10 paid views before earnings start reflecting on your account.

    1. You can access your individual view statistics, paid views, likes, and comments by visiting your uploads page. By going to your account settings page, you can “check earnings.” ClickASnap earnings, once approved, are transferred to your PayPal account. Please note that PayPal details are only requested when you reach the minimum pay-out threshold of $15 and decide to withdraw.

  5. Love your work. I paid for a pro plan.

    Paid views: 0.9c

    Does this mean 0.9 cents per paid view or is it 0.9 cents per 100 paid views?

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