ClickASnap Website Updates – The Latest! (V1.14.4)

Release Notes (V 1.14.1)

New & Improved Homepage!

Following intense design reviews, including vital user feedback, we reveal our brand new home page! With featured images showcasing the best of the best and popular categories showcasing amazing photography from our Pro users.

Duplicate notifications

Some of our users were receiving duplicate notifications. This issue has now been resolved!

Notifications from the wrong user

Some of our users were receiving notifications from the wrong user. This issue has now been resolved!

When deleting an image users are re-directed to their profile as expected

When deleting an image, users were being redirected to an empty page. This has been fixed and now users will delete an image and be directed back to their profile page as expected!

Selecting the search bar now focuses the text cursor in the search field

When selecting the search bar on the header bar, you no longer need to select into the search field a second time to start typing.

& some other behind the scenes changes and improvements

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