ClickASnap Website Updates – The Latest! (V1.14.4)

Release Notes (V 1.14.1)

New & Improved Homepage!

Following intense design reviews, including vital user feedback, we reveal our brand new home page! With featured images showcasing the best of the best and popular categories showcasing amazing photography from our Pro users.

Duplicate notifications

Some of our users were receiving duplicate notifications. This issue has now been resolved!

Notifications from the wrong user

Some of our users were receiving notifications from the wrong user. This issue has now been resolved!

When deleting an image users are re-directed to their profile as expected

When deleting an image, users were being redirected to an empty page. This has been fixed and now users will delete an image and be directed back to their profile page as expected!

Selecting the search bar now focuses the text cursor in the search field

When selecting the search bar on the header bar, you no longer need to select into the search field a second time to start typing.

& some other behind the scenes changes and improvements

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63 Responses

  1. I’m loving the New Website design and the friendly easy features to navigate. I’m excited for you guys, for all members and becoming members and of course for myself!! Keep up this great work. I’m here several times a day just to check who’s commenting and vice versa and also monitoring my earnings and most especially I’ll look at my own photos and how can I improved my compositions. And by the way, I’m on my 3rd set of earnings and all approved!!
    Thank you!!

      1. Salam alaikum Rafiu. I have only been here for a little while myself. I hope you enjoy this site. I love looking at the pictures. My name is Eftihea which means Liberty.

    1. Excited that I found this page!! This is awesome!! Can’t wait to check out others pictures and share mine as well! Feel free to check mine out as I do your as well!! Happy picture posting loves!

    1. We have a YouTube channel you can find here, where we have plenty of tutorials and tips on how to grow your ClickASnap profile and how to be successful on our platform!

      1. How can i fix my account, I’ve sent a lots of photos, then suddenly disappear my points and i dont know how can i recover it….Now I’ve tried to start a new account but still no happen..Please assist and notify me if further update regarding ny concerns..Thanks

    1. Go have a look on your ‘uploads’ page, to view the individual image statistics. Here you will be able to see how many total views, likes, comments, paid views and earnings you have for each image.

    1. We have a YouTube channel you can find here, where we have plenty of tutorials and tips on how to get started and grow your ClickASnap profile!

  2. Good morning everyone,
    My name is Randy im new to the site and absolutely love it!!! I am looking for any tips, or suggestions on how to really get engaged with the site and grow my page. The goal is to get a small income off of doing something I love. I would like to hear from anyone willing to chime in, so dont be shy and introduce yourself!!! Thanks in advance for reaching out and Im looking forward to interacting… Have a wonderful day!

    1. We have a YouTube channel you can find here, where we have plenty of tutorials and tips on how to grow your ClickASnap profile.

  3. Thank you so much for the bug fixes. I am here about 2 or 3 weeks, and I have viewed so many wonderful photos, and read some wonderful comments on my photos, and have met some wonderful and very kind people who are always willing to be very helpful.

  4. Great! Those bugs were kinda annoying and I am glad you fixed them so soon.
    How often do you change those photos on the main site? Feels like I liked most of them already. 😉

    1. Head over to your profile, click “Edit Profile,” and link your social media accounts to your ClickASnap account.

  5. Sou nova aqui, e estou otimista em poder compartilhar imagens reais.
    Gostei da performance da página.
    Tudo muito bem explicado.
    Espero que gostem das imagens.

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