ClickASnap Website Updates – The Latest! (V1.13.1)

Release Notes (V 1.13.1)

Included the option to “Mark all Read” on notifications

You can already clear your notifications by clicking on each one, one at a time. We appreciate how not all users want to do this (especially if they have a lot of notifications!), so we have brought in the ability to mark all notifications as read in one simple go!

Users will be notified when someone replies to a comment they have left!

A really exciting update which I know many users have been looking forward to. When a user replies to your comment, you are now notified of this so you can continue your conversation!

Views will no longer create notifications to the user

We recently informed our users about this, as we appreciate this update required a little warning. Have a read about this change here, if you haven’t already.

& some other behind the scenes changes and improvements

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27 Responses

  1. Hello.
    This is a very big problem in my opinion that we cannot understand who views the photos, and who does not!
    Please specify the view of people

    1. You can check your uploads page for detailed statistics on the number of views, paid views, and likes your uploads are receiving. It’s a great way to keep track of your content’s performance!

      1. Thank you for your answer.
        But what I mean is who views the photos and who doesn’t. And this is very important in the efficiency of the page.
        The difference is that it determines for me who to spend time on, and who not

        1. We want users to enjoy viewing photos they genuinely like, rather than just reciprocating views. The Explore page is a great spot to discover photos you’ll appreciate, with options to search by image category, membership level, and more.

      2. Sorry, this is still not good enough and not satisfying. Don’t take away the good features from your past great work. We don’t want to neglect any fellow users who appreciate our work truly. No one wants to give acknowledgment to free riders. I hope you understand.

        1. We want to encourage users’ engagement with photos they genuinely appreciate, rather than just clicking on images because someone viewed theirs. Our Explore page offers a convenient way to discover photos you’ll enjoy, with options to search by image category, membership level, and more.

  2. I also miss the views. I liked to see who actually payed attention to my photos and I would take my time and check out his. Hope the view notifications will come back. 🙂

    1. We want to encourage users to view photos they genuinely like, not just because someone viewed theirs. The Explore page is an excellent place to discover photos you enjoy. You can search by image category, membership level, and more.

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