AI-generated Images and the Paid Per View Benefit – learn how you can earn!

We have recently made some changes to our Paid Per View policy, with these changes specifically relating to AI imagery and how this is reviewed under our Paid Per View benefit. You may have been aware of earlier communication which confirmed that at this time AI-generated imagery was not able to earn under our Paid Per View benefit. We didn’t want this to be a permanent policy rule, so we have been working behind the scenes to really understand how we would be able to encompass AI-generated imagery under our Paid Per View benefit, in a fair and concise manner, whilst remaining in line with our Terms of Services.

Following a thorough review process, we have now outlined clear and concise rules around AI-generated imagery in order to allow users to earn from it – keep reading to learn what our new policy rules are!

These changes are also outlined in our official Paid Per View policy which can be found on our website.

Why have you Changed the rules again?

Not initially allowing AI imagery to earn under the Paid Per View benefit was rightfully prompted by the ever growing concerns regarding copyright infringement. It’s a really important aspect of ClickASnap that we support users uploading their own content, and that they cannot commercially benefit from another creators work. Additionally, due to the added administrative workload and expenses involved in handling withdrawal requests related to AI-generated imagery, we needed to establish criteria for earning through the Paid Per View benefit to ensure everyone can benefit from this feature, fairly.

What’s Required to Earn?

To qualify for the Paid Per View benefit with AI imagery, you must:

  • An in date Pro membership purchased on an annual basis much be held on your account.
  • Proof of your receipt of purchase for the AI tool used must be provided. Forwarding the email receipt would be a suitable form of proof.
  • Where relevant, the seed images used when generating your AI images must be provided in the same format in which it was uploaded to the AI tool.

Customer support will contact you at the point your withdrawal request is being reviewed to request this information, to prompt you to send it to them. Without providing this information, we will be unable to complete a review of your request.

What Happens If You Can’t Provide the Required Information?

If you’re unable to provide the requested information or meet our terms, you won’t bee able to have a withdrawal request approved.

Protecting Our Platform

Our Paid Per View benefit is a critical part of ClickASnap, and we’re committed to safeguarding it from misuse. These policy adjustments are designed to maintain fairness and accountability within our community and we appreciate your understanding and cooperation in adhering to these policy changes.

Thank you for being a part of ClickASnap. We value your ongoing engagement with our platform.

Best regards,

The ClickASnap Team

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