ClickASnap Website Updates – The Latest! (V 1.19.3)

Here are the release notes for our most recent update, and we’re excited for you to experience the new features we’ve introduced along with some other tweaks to the current ones.

Expanded Image View: We’ve enhanced your viewing experience by expanding the image view feature. Now, you can dive deeper into images with more detail and clarity.

5-Star Rating System: We have removed likes from the website, Introducing a new 5-star rating system with feedback capabilities, allowing others to rate your work, so you can truly feel the appreciation and gain insightful feedback on your efforts. You will also be able to re-rate others work.

Streamlined User Profiles: We’ve removed redundant buttons from user profiles, creating a cleaner and more intuitive user interface. This change simplifies navigation, the sharing functionality and improves the overall user experience. This includes image scrolling and the compression and expansion of images and icons.

Behind the Scenes Changes & Improvements: In addition to the above visible changes, we’ve been hard at work behind the scenes to enhance overall system performance, security, and stability. These improvements ensure a smoother and more reliable platform.

We hope you enjoy these updates and the improved user experience they bring. Thank you for using our platform, and please don’t hesitate to provide feedback or reach out if you have any questions or suggestions.

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60 Responses

  1. The star ratings don’t work. Just keeps going in a circle saying “Rating failed, please try again.” The site was perfect just the way it was. :/

      1. New updates not giving energy previous setting was fantastic. The rate in so difficult.

    1. It’s working now but I’ve decided not to rate anyone’s work. I’m in no position to decide who gets 4 stars, 3 stars, 5 stars… I’m not an Art critic or photography critic. What’s bad is you click on a photo now and you have no idea who it belongs to, so even if you comment you don’t know who you’re commenting to. I just get so disappointed when a system is working fine as it was, and then it has to get destroyed – if it ain’t broke don’t fix it kind of thing. 🙁

  2. Do the authentic views still work the same way? Will we be able to see our ratings? I actually feel like I get more feedback information based on the views versus the authentic views (along with comments) than a rating system.

    1. There has been no changes to paid per view system. notifications for star rating is being worked currently and we will update our members once this has been completed.

    2. Hi Patti. I’d have to concur. After the first few days of the new system I’ve felt much more like I was getting less feedback on my photos. Maybe it’ll take time for people to adjust? I’m also 95% certain my pay-per-views have decreased, perhaps based on how people view the photos (less clicking on them to get up close as they can already see more detail in the initial view?). Don’t know. Just speculating. There’s definitely been a change in the consistency of views of my photos and I don’t see the views or $ creeping up at a steady rate. I’m thinking it’ll take a little while for things to iron themselves out. That’s the hope, anyway. On the bright side the new system looks really nice.

      1. Thank you for your feedback, it will take a little while to adjust to the new system but we are confident you will start to see better results really soon.

  3. Lovely – was wondering about it, that it didn’t look the same anymore. Didn’t check my photos lately so I missed out on this news . But it’s great 👌🏾👏🏽

  4. I am experiencing a problem when trying to rate photos on the site.

    When I try to rate a photo or give stars, the site always says “Rating failure, please try again.”

    I have tried everything to fix the problem, but nothing has worked.

  5. Just tried to put a star rating on a picture and just get a spinning icon, 20 seconds and no change, refreshed just in case is a refresh problem and no rating.

    tried another photo for good measure and the same result, went into explore and tried again, does eventually come back as “Rating failed, please try again”

  6. Some issues:
    the star system is not working at all. After a long wait it will just say: “Rating failed, please try again”.
    Moreover i don’t think ratings work well on a social platform. I may see an image that I think is ‘pretty cool’ and give it 3 stars while the owner may perceive 3 stars as a bashing of their work. Everyone has different standards and scales.
    Also the site is slower now. Was already slow before, now is grinding to navigate pictures.

  7. I like the visuals of the updates. It looks really nice. I have noticed, though, a dramatic sudden decline in the number of authentic views of my photos. Maybe this is because the new Expanded Image View means people don’t have to look as long to appreciate the shot or they don’t click on it and zoom in? I don’t know. Maybe I’m just imagining it as well. The functionality as a user does seem better. Just waiting to see if it translates into more views or less.

  8. I’m not like this five star rating thing because it’s not working each time I try to rate a photo it spins an pins then says it failed try again I do total of three times on different peoples profiles does the same thing , little frustrating.

  9. Excelente día día mejorando y haciendo de nuestros trabajos algo Grandioso, “los Buenos Somos Mas”
    Les Felicito y animo a seguir Mejorando

  10. Hi!
    I cannot find how to share someone elses photo on my feed.
    Clicking “share” button there are only options to share it on Pinterest, Twitter or Facebook.
    Where is the “share on feed” option hidden?

  11. I’m a little concerned about the recent updates you’ve made.

    The site is a bit confusing. For example, I can’t tell which was the last photo of a particular follower that I saw a little while ago. This is frustrating because I see a lot of photos every day.

    Additionally, when I rate a photo with stars, the stars sometimes disappear when I go back later. This is a problem because I’d like to be able to see my previous ratings.

    I’d like to ask you to fix these problems.

  12. My account is not registered even after viewing the video. Your system has many problems, please solve them

  13. sorry I am new here and learning.. when someone responds to management on anything can you put a like/ dislike or agree/disagree tab underneath our comments so we can demonstrate we would like and not like,e please?

    1. It is not something we would look to introduce at this time but feed back and suggestions are always taken into account.

  14. Hi,
    So happy to join clicksmap.
    By clicksnap i am exploring my photos.
    If we can add videos it may be more interesting i think.

  15. if this repeats message I can’t find the message I placed yesterday I know I keep asking about and you have been very busy sorting out the platform could I ask again do you know when the albums are being put back in place


    1. This is still being worked on behind the scenes. We are unable to give an exact time frame on this at the moment due to other aspects taking priority. we will update you nearer the time!

  16. Can you just bring back authentic view notifications please? It was the most important notification on this platform.

    1. it isn’t something we will bringing in at this time, but you can still view your individual statistics via your uploads page!

  17. Visitor 12194
    Las estrellas no funcionan y tampoco se me cuentan las vistas, tengo varias vistas y me aparece 0.1c , no entiendo, allí dice que son 0.90c por vista y es falso, aparte de eso no me suman las vistas nunca.

    1. We appreciate it will take a little while to get used to the new rating system but please be assured it will bring many more benefits than the like button did.

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