ClickASnap Website Updates – The Latest! (V 1.20.1)

Release Notes (V 1.20.1)

Here are the release notes for our most recent update. These are improvements and fixes relating to the previous update where you saw the exciting release of our new 5-star rating system, alongside a few new, long-requested, functionality updates!

Addressed an issue where some users were unable to successfully use the 5-star rating system

Some of our older users were coming across issues when using the rating system. All users should now be able to use this system effortlessly. If anyone continues to experience issue, please get in touch with us to let us know!

Addressed an issue where some images would not show ratings

Some images which had been rated through our 5-star rating system, was not reflecting this rating when being viewed. We have now resolved this so every image which has been rated, will correctly show this on the image page.

You can now use the left and right arrows on your keyboard, to move your cursor through your text when leaving a comment

The left and right arrows when viewing a sequence of images, will move from one image to the next. We recognise that when you are leaving a comment, the left and right arrow functionality should instinctively adjust and move your cursor through the comment you are leaving, rather than the image. You can select back on the image page, to start moving through your images again!

Copy and pasted, comma separated tags are now split correctly into individual tags

This has been a long-requested addition to how our tags work and we are pleased to finally bring this to you! Previously, copying and pasting comma separated tags would only be recognised as one large tag, rather than multiple individual ones. Now, comma separated lists will be correctly tagged during upload!

Profile images now updating correctly for every image

Some profile images were not updating when moving between photos, meaning the incorrect profile photo was showing next to an image. This has now been fixed so the profile photo will update as expected!

Some users were finding when viewing an image via a link, that they were being directed to the most recent upload of the user, rather than the linked image. This has now been resolved so when you share a link with someone, you can be sure they are seeing the right image!

The comment count updates with each new comment

We found that when some users were leaving a comment, the number of comments shown on an image was not updating. Now you can be sure that the number of comments a photo shows as having, is accurate!

Image tag lists can be expanded to show all

Rather than having a long list of tags overtaking your image page, people can now ‘show more’ or ‘show less’ to view the tags you’ve applied to your images.

& some other behind the scenes improvements

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31 Responses

  1. Great updates, thank you! I wish that images that haven’t uploaded properly (error promot after upload) can now be deleted on our profile/gallery. These uploads, even when deleted, still appear on our profile. I think this has been a known issue already. Waiting for this to be resolved. Great job, CaS team! 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻

    1. Is there a way to leave a notification besides commenting? I go through my notifications as do others when someone views, you view more back and I only do that for those that authentic view. For example the old view notification or the like notification if you can pay attention to the upload section on who is viewing. I’m not leaving a bland comment on every picture I view that’s dumb. Paying for a pro account I expect better information from other viewers it was fine before this patch now it’s unusable the way it needs to be used. Some sort of notification needs to be there and it just isn’t.

      1. Hi there, the only way of leaving notifications now is with comments. The removal of likes, coupled with the introduction of the new rating system is to encourage the viewing and generation of paid views on the images merits (quality) rather than if the uploader is likely to reciprocate a paid view. This will ensure those who upload poor quality imagery will either increase their efforts in the quality of their imagery or will leave the platform. This in turn will increase the quality of the imagery on the platform to the benefit of those whom do upload good quality content.

        1. Okay… but now all that’s going to do is force people to beg for views which is against the policy. Finding someone’s random pictures by pure chance doesn’t matter how good the picture may be. I’ve see some really good pictures uploaded like a year ago with like 3 views, so that logic doesn’t make any sense. People need to earn the views from others and get found without needing to beg. It’s bad enough the feed from followers doesn’t work right, never has, if you click a picture from the feed then go back it takes you all the way to the beginning. A notification is mandatory for the ratings of you want this to succeed. I just want this site to work and be the best it can be without causing frustration. I have much respect for this platform.

          1. Hi Raymond,
            People don’t beg for views on Flickr, Instagram or any other image sharing platform that I’m aware of, so there is no need to do it here. Content is either good enough to naturally gain views (like any other photo sharing platform) or the user promotes their content (again, like any other platform) if the uploaders content doesn’t naturally gain views and they don’t want to improve or promote their content then the ratings system will do exactly what it’s designed to do and force mediocrity off the platform. You are correct that excellent photos often do t get a lot of views and this is because those uploaders often do not want to take part in a ‘like for like’ scheme and therefore they are ignored. Likes were merely used (as you state yourself) to indicate either that a paid view was given or to fish for attention, this in turn distorted the platform and allows relatively mediocre images to gain paid views and therefore proliferate across the platform. The ratings system stops this happening. You will receive anonymous notifications from ratings shortly. As for the feed we expect that to be rebuilt prior to Christmas

  2. When someone comments on your photo or I comment on, there’s the correct image does not appear when you read the message. It goes back to the last image loaded on that page so you don’t know what the comment is about.. the photo originally commented on just quickly flicks across the screen and then it goes back to the same image which is not correct

    Has not been fixed even though this is a duplicate

    1. This is a know issue that the developers are currently working on, we are expecting this to be fixed really soon!

  3. Hi, with the update, when viewing someone’s photo on their profile, you can not click back and go back to where you were up to on their profile. It takes you to the top of their profile, so if someone has a lot of photos that you want to view, it is very, very time consuming scrolling back down each time to find where you were up to.
    Also the same thing when viewing notifications, when you click on a notification and look at it or look at a new persons profile, you can not click back and go back to where you were up to on the notifications. It actually just keeps going back to the last persons profile. You then have to click on notifications again on the menu and scroll down to where you were up to.
    Please bring back notifications of views (notifications of paid views would be amazing)
    Love this platform and everybody’s photos.
    Kindest regards

    1. We are currently aware of the niggles and they are being looked into with the the aim to put right as soon as posible.

    1. We appreciate your input, and we understand that adapting to changes can be challenging. Rest assured, our primary objective is to cultivate a fun, secure, and enjoyable environment for the genuine members of the ClickASnap community. Our aim is to support creators in sharing their work while ensuring fair monetisation through honest processes, making the paid-per-view benefit available to everyone.

    1. We have replaced the likes for the 5 star rating feature, Now you can provide accurate feedback on the images you like.

  4. Thank you for all the updates. They are still not working on my profile. When I click on a comment in notifications it takes me to the last photo I uploaded. Also photos are switching descriptions. I have had to go back and retitle.

  5. I’ve been trying to rate images but it keeps on saying rating as failed and I’m unable to see my ratings on my side please help

  6. Hello, I was restricted because of posting pictures that were not my own. I did not read all the site terms, so I violated the community standards. I want to reinstate my account. I deleted all the pictures on my account, and I will only upload my own pictures.

  7. Hello,
    how I can share photos of others (or reshare mine?). There is option to share picture on twitter, facebook, pinterest, via link, but I can´t share them on click a snap, as I did before. Why?

    Thank you!

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