How does ClickASnap protect my photos?

Image protection is a priority many users share, and at ClickASnap we understand how important this is when you’re choosing where to share your photos. This is one of the many reasons why we don’t claim any rights to the images you share on our site; only you hold the rights to your images.

We offer right-click prevention on every photo, as well as photo compression, so if anybody bypasses these image protection tools, they can only access poor-resolution images, rendering them effectively useless. Another way we helped our Pro users protect their images was by offering Watermark-less Image Protection, which blocked the screenshot ability on PCs. One key aspect of how this feature worked was to blur the screen when a viewer moved away from the expanded image view.

Part of our commitment to offering our users as much protection as possible involves recognising if some of the ways we do this, no longer work as well as when we first released them. Our Watermark-less Image Protection no longer works for updated browsers and Macs. Furthermore, many users found the blurring of images confusing and worried about the impact this would have on the way their images would be displayed.

Your experience as a user is really important to us, and we want to make sure we get it right. Therefore, during the redesign of our Expanded Image View page, led by your feedback, we removed this feature; with the goal of working behind the scenes to bring back additional image protection solutions that work, with you and your images at the forefront of our mind.

It’s important to remember that when you share your images anywhere online, the risk of image theft cannot be completely removed, but we can help reduce that risk. So, ClickASnap will continue striving to offer you the best image viewing experience we can. Watch this space!

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