ClickASnap Website Updates – The Brand New Feed!

Release notes – V 1.23.0

ClickASnap’s feed has been overdue a refresh, and we are extremely excited to announce that our team has been working hard behind the scenes to bring to you a brand new, high performing, integrated and sociable feed!

So What’s Changed?

With a fresh new design, you can see more of the photography you love, and with recommended accounts you can find and follow some of our best creators!

The feed previously sat separated from the rest of the platform, with comments and ratings (or historically likes) being made on feed posts, rather than the images themselves. We want to support our creators in providing more opportunity to earn under the Paid Per View benefit, so now, people are encouraged to click through to your images to interact with them, to help you get those valuable views!

When uploading content now, you will no longer see it duplicated in your feed. Your feed is purely to showcase the people you follow. You can still see your uploads in your profile and your ‘uploads’ page.

Another aspect of the feed which has changed, for our Pro users specifically, is the ability to share your own images. This is no longer available, for the time being. We fully appreciate many of our Pro users value this functionality, so please be assured this is not gone forever!

This functionality of sharing images to your feed has been inconsistent for a few months now, for example, some of you have been experiencing a bug which meant you have not been able to share your own images for the last couple of weeks. With this in mind, we really need to take time to build this functionality back in, in a way which works not only best for you, but also consistently and reliably.

We hope you enjoy the new feed! As always, please take your time to share with us your feedback.

Happy ClickASnapping!

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