ClickASnap Website Updates – The Latest! V1.24.1 & V 1.24.2

Release notes (V 1.24.1) & (V 1.23.2)

Feed optimisation

We’ve made some changes to the feed to offer an improved experience. We have taken feedback onboard and removed the recommended photographers tab, as well as made it easier to unfollow a user directly from the feed. We’ve also improved the look of usernames which are too long for the feed view, by fading them out slowly so other users know to click into it to see the full username.

ClickASnap Shop optimisation

Whilst we work on some larger pieces of work to improve ClickASnap Shops, we’ve addressed a couple of smaller improvements within our shop integration. This includes the ability to visit someones shop front from their profile, even if they don’t have any products uploaded yet. As well as clearing up the image view page for when someone has not yet uploaded products.

Image report modal update

We understood that our options to report an image did not cover all of Community Guidelines, and so we have updated our report modal to allow for a ‘nudity’ report option. Thank you for continuing to help keep ClickASnap safe.

Some users were struggling to see the results they expected to when using the search box on their Uploads page. We have made some changes to make sure it works simply and as expected. Searching for key words will return results of any image which include that exact keyword in an the image title, description or tags. The results will show to you in chronological order, so you’ll see your more recently uploaded images first all the way to the oldest ones last. Any images which do not include the keywords anywhere in them, will not show at all.

‘Uploads’ statistics

Our Uploads page has always offered you brilliant insight into individual image statistics, however, recently the total view count was not showing you the total as expected. This has now been resolved and your view count is back to being accurate and reliable.

Profile picture cropping

When uploading a profile picture, you expect it to look good, and that’s exactly what we’ve made sure of in this update! Any image uploaded for your profile picture will be automatically cropped to fit well, and not become stretched to fit.

& some other behind the scenes changes and improvements

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