20 easy (and FREE!) ways to get viewers to your photos!

Unfortunately unless you are a world famous photographer or have a huge following, getting your photograph viewed is not an easy thing to do. Being on sites like ours certainly helps as the photo to user ratio is actually pretty high (Vs. Meta where users to photos is ridiculously low) But these will only get you so far.

We have already discussed in detail, with the help of Mike Browne the importance of tagging and naming photos correctly but we haven’t given much help in how to get more direct traffic to your photos, as organic hits can take some time unfortunately and are rarely instant, often taking months to see traction. So, we thought we would compile a list of the best places to show your content to get some instant view gratification!

  1. Meta, almost all of us have a Meta account and sharing your photos to your account is going to bring people in to view your photos. You can also share to a Meta page if you have one, however, with Metas algorithms massively restricting reach to 1% it means for every 1,000 likes you have it is the same as having just 10 subscribers here (as we don’t and will never restrict reach)
  2. CoPromote is a free site where you can post links to your content, share other content that you find interesting and your photos are then shared to other peoples accounts. Can actually bring in significant traffic. We use it here at Clickasnap
  3. Stumbleupon. Another free site to use. You just submit your content to the site and when people browse it they come across your photo. Again, another site we use here.
  4.  ClickASnap, it’s a photo hosting platform. We have over 100,000 users per month and growing rapidly. Network on the platform, subscribe to people, like and view other peoples content. Start threads in the forum. Many, many users have had tens of thousands of views in only a few months. That could easily be you.
  5.  Reddit simply sign up and submit your photo to the relevant subreddit and watch the views come in
  6.  Pinterest just pin your photos to your Pinterest account ensuring they are tagged and titled.
  7. YouTube Make videos of you taking photos and link back to your content on ClickASnap
  8. Photography forums such as Amateur Photographer, Talk Photography, Digital Photography review, Photography Forum, and many many more. Sign up, paste links to your content in the relevant threads and start networking!
  9. Finding blogging and and article submission sites. Have a story about your photo? Write it up and share it to people who may be interested or in the comments section of relevant blogs.
  10. Tumblr This is a very photo orientated site. Just add a link to the site, add some tags and it will bring in more people
  11. Twitter Include us in your tweets, or share and include photography magazines. You never know they may retweet to their followers!
  12. Run an Adwords campaign. Whilst not technically free they do give you £75 free promotion when you sign up!
  13. Write a guest post for a blog, such as ours. Every post is viewed hundreds of times
  14. Add a link to your ClickASnap profile in your email signature
  15. Get free business cards and leave them lying around in pubs etc
  16. Start your own Photography blog. WordPress is the best for this, and whilst there are free options even a fully hosted site is cheap. We charge £6.50 per month for example for unlimited bandwidth and storage on ultrafast servers.
  17. Share your ClickASnap photo links with other photographers, or photography review pages
  18. Build an email list, everytime you post new photos let people know!
  19. Get Featured in a Wedding blog or a portrait blog
  20. Google+ Share your photos to this platform and Google ranks them higher than photos not shared to it
  21. Instagram, post your photos and have a link to your ClickASnap profile under the picture. Also, we will shortly be bringing in instagram integration into the site so photos can automatically be posted to your profiles
  22. Linkedin On this platform? Just share your photos to it, highlight another one of your skills to prospective employers.

There are quite a few methods of bringing people to your photos here. We use many of these as well as paid avenues and have built up a user base of over 100,000 users per month. If we can do it for the site there is no reason why you couldn’t do this for your ClickASnap profile!

Tip: The more views you have the more you get, people almost always rank photos by the most viewed believing that these are the best

Cover photo details:

Model: Lizzie Perrins

Find her on Instagram: lizzieperrinsxox

Photographer David Freeman

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